McGregor stays True To His Roots

Veteran Jamaican singer and record producer Freddie McGregor wants young artistes to stay true to their Caribbean culture. And, with that in mind, the roots reggae singer of more than five decades has launched a new album entitled True To My Roots, with the hopes of encouraging younger musicians not to be led by outside influences.

Freddie McGregor
Freddie McGregor

Already dropped in Jamaica, True To My Roots is scheduled to be launched in Japan in June, and in Europe and North America in July.

A number of the singles on the album have already been heating up the airwaves in Jamaica, Florida and New York.

“The concept of the album True To My Roots is, as I think, we are losing the roots of our music. Respect to the young producers, but I think they are losing the real dancehall essence and we are truly losing the grass roots of our music.

“So my new album consists of 15 original tracks and the concept of it is to bring back the roots. So everybody is gravitating to True To My Roots,” explained McGregor.

“Our tours are planned for Europe, Japan and North America and, hopefully, we will come through the Caribbean to promote the records. So True To My Roots is the argument. We want everyone to stay true to our roots because we have been carried away by the influences of America; but we need to be true to our Caribbean roots. That is the essence of my new album.”

McGregor, who turns 60 next month, said he believed there were tremendous opportunities for young talented artists to do well in the music industry.
However, he cautioned they needed to “make great music”.

“That is the first thing, because great music lives on. Mediocre music goes nowhere. And then if you are truly talented, you need to do the things that make you great –– do your interviews, be there for your fans and your friends, and just do what the industry requires of you. Hard work, perseverance, and you will eventually make it,” he advised.

McGregor said too often a number of artistes gave up halfway through their journey.

“The day you quit is the day it was going to happen. So you just need to continue. It will eventually happen if you are talented; if you love what you do and if you are consistent,” he said. (MM)

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