Double catch

Fisherman, labourer caught in drug net

A 56-year-old Barbadian fisherman and a 38-year-old Vincentian labourer appeared in court here today, charged in connection with Sunday night’s multi-million dollar drug bust, which occurred in this island’s territorial waters.

Sidney Dolison Cordice & Wayne Alfonso Holder
Sidney Dolison Cordice & Wayne Alfonso Holder

Wayne Alfonso Holder of Mission Gap, Brittons Hill, St Michael and Sidney Dolison Cordice of St George, St Vincent and the Grenadines were not required to plead to the four indictable charges of trafficking, importation, possession and possession with intent to supply 352 kilogrammes of cannabis with a street value of about $1,548 million.

The charges stem from an incident, which occurred some four nautical miles off the island’s west coast at around 8.50 p.m. on Sunday. Police said they had intercepted a boat and arrested Holder and Cordice on board. They also seized the drugs on the same vessel before it sank due to unfavourable conditions at sea. However, a third man who was reportedly on board, escaped.

When the matter came up in court today, the prosecution strongly objected to bail based on the nature and seriousness of the charges. It was also pointed out that investigators were still looking for a third man in connection with the case; that Cordice is a non-national; and that similar allegations could arise, particularly regarding Holder.

The court was also told by the Crown that Cordice was before the courts of Barbados in 2013 for a similar offence.

When Magistrate Douglas Frederick asked the Barbadian fisherman if he had anything to say on the matter of bail, he replied: “I realize I can’t get bail in the lower court.”

The Vincentian’s response to the same question was simply “not really”.

Both accused, who were not represented by legal counsel, were then remanded to HMP Dodds until May 30.

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  1. Mark Fenty
    Mark Fenty May 4, 2016 at 4:32 am

    I am troubled by the fact that we have proclivity to make these polar distinctions when we are referencing people who do not share our birth rights.


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