Sour deal

ISP agreement not so sweet, warns Duguid

An Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate today charged that the multi-purpose sugar factory earmarked for Andrews, St Joseph had moved from being a “marginally viable project to not viable at all”.

And he is attributing the loss of viability to Government’s decision to include the St Lucia-incorporated Inter-Sugar Partnership Ltd (ISP) as project managers and principal advisors for the US$250 million Cane Industry Redevelopment Project (CIRP).

“As an entity, the company has not demonstrated experience in the agricultural sector or as project managers of heavy industrial instillations and constructions,” warned Dr William Duguid, who is seeking to recapture his old Christ Church West seat.

In a Barbados TODAY interview at his Pine Gardens, St Michael home, Dr Duguid called for a full-scale debate on the new multi-purpose sugar factory project, for which ISP is expected to receive a fee of $61.8 million.

Dr Duguid argued that the deal should not have been done in secret since it would bind the people of Barbados for many years to come.

Referring to a letter dated February 1, 2013, he also noted that Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick had given approval for the Barbados Cane Industry Corporation to enter immediately into a memorandum of understanding with ISP, appointing them as project managers and principal advisors for the CIRP.

However, he pointed out that before the introduction of the middleman, the project had shown a five per cent return, but with the introduction of the “middleman”, it had dropped to three per cent return.

The Christ Church West hopeful also raised concern that Government had agreed to pay $61.8 million to the Anthony DaSilva-led ISP for work, which he said had either already been done by BCIC or was no longer necessary.

The Opposition candidate further charged that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with ISP was in breach of the financial and audit rules of the country, charging that no tenders were produced but ISP had asked for an upfront payment of $450 000.

He therefore suggested that Government needed to “relook” the entire project, arguing that the country simply did not need such a large multi-purpose factory for an annual crop of merely 7, 000 tonnes of sugar.

When the project was first conceptualized, it was envisaged that it would have made a substantial contribution to the island’s overall economy in areas such as increased production of molasses for Barbados’ rum industry; the generation of green electricity fuelled by cane bagasse and sustainable locally produced biomass.

3 Responses to Sour deal

  1. Johnathan April 27, 2016 at 5:52 am

    This is just to make millions for a few of them and boost the election coffers..

  2. Tony Webster April 27, 2016 at 6:02 am

    Bush lawyer sez that you cud sign something wid words pun it; date it, and if itcontain promises by each party signing, an it had plain English words, dates to do dis, and to do dat, and it was specific, and it contained “consideration”… and even a dollar get change hands… den it is a contrack, and either party cud do a Barack on de uthuh one…whichever body step outa-line.
    And yuh cud call it a Memorandum of Onderstandin; a memoranda; a “agreement”; a letter; a document; a piece of paper; a note; whatever. Effin it meets de legal definition of a contrack, is a contrack, and lawyers cud mek merry effin t’ings go not so sweet.

    S’matter of fak, yuh cud even haf’ a verbal contrak, whichin
    might only require a wink; a hand-shake; a bowl of soup, and somebody , somewhere gine sign a cheque and ting’s …gets moovin’.

  3. jrsmith April 27, 2016 at 11:48 am

    A BLP candidate is making a serious charge, that the Barbados government should make this so call deal with (ISP ) Inter-Sugar Partnership Ltd of ST. Lucia, now that this has been exposed transparent to the people of Barbados to see in other countries the opposition party would have ask for a full (PUBLIC INQUIRY).

    This matter looks as though we are seeing Barbados politicians, getting in on the (PCC) Political Corporate Corruption. Act themselves, as stated the Barbados government had agreed to pay $61.8 millions to (Anthony Da Silva ISP) for work , which had been already done or was no longer required…

    I can smell the stench of this all the way in London, and New York as I visited the other week.. The Government need to clear up this matter , are we going to see the headlines in the Nation Paper, Deal been made for the interest of some people and not in the interest of the people…


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