Patterson-Ish is his dance!

We have all seen the dance. We have tried to do it –– some succeeding; others not so much. But who exactly are the pioneers behind this Ish dance?

In the world of the teenyboppers, the name Patterson is synonymous with the Ish dance.

Patterson Performing the Ish dance.
Patterson Performing the Ish dance.

He has appeared in many videos doing the dance and instructing others how to do it. Last Sunday, he got the opportunity of a lifetime to perform at Reggae On The Beach, and the crowd loved it. Patterson told Bajan Vibes it was a dream come true for him.

“It was great, man. My first time on a big stage.
At first I was scared, but halfway through the performance I started to feel the energy of the crowd; so I was good after that,” he said.


But just where did the dance come from? Patterson said he could not take credit for coming up with it, even though he is best known for it; but he has an interesting theory on where it actually came from.

“Rumours are that it’s a paro man who came up with it. Then, there is this guy who calls himself the ish king, who also does it as well. But I just put my own interpretation of the dance and the people love it,” Patterson said with a chuckle.

Patterson said he was not shocked the dance was now so popular in Barbados.

“That dance spread like a germ. It gets bigger and bigger because the young people like it,” he said.

And to squash the debate on who is the real “Ish king” Patterson said: “I don’t believe I’m the best, because everyone has their own moves and so on. But they are one or two moves that I am known for.

“I’m one of the best,” he added confidently.

For Patterson, dancing is not just for fun. He plans on bettering his talent and taking it as far as he can.

“I would like to be one of Rihanna’s backup dancers one day; I would really like for that to happen. It was a dream I had from young. My other goal in Barbados is to open a dancing community; open a dance studio for young people; teach them how to express themselves through music,” Patterson said.

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  1. Mhizz Sharika April 27, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    When yall chat, chat history and facts int no man in de orleans make up that dance. That dance originated in africa so go google umm come back and talk


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