Cheap move!

Vendors at City market complain about unfair competition

There were cries of unfair competition at the Cheapside Market today, as several vendors complained about the unregulated actions of their colleagues, who have stalls in the market, but have chosen to operate illegally outside the City vending facility.

When Barbados TODAY visited Cheapside today, the market itself resembled a ghost town, but several vendors were seen doing a brisk trade along the pavement, which is directly outside the over 400-stall market.

Angela Greene says that some days she only sells $10 in produce.
Angela Greene says that some days she only sells $10 in produce.

Angela Greene of Upper Carlton St James who has been selling there for the past 25 years, complained that while Government has provided hundreds of stalls for the vendors, only “four to six [of us] actually use them on a daily basis.

“Vendors use the stalls to store their goods at night and we have been complaining about the situation for sometime but nothing has changed.

“Some days I only make $10 and I have bills to pay,” said Greene, who is up to date on her monthly rental fee of $8 for her stall.

However, she complained that some hawkers, who had been issued with licences to sell their produce opposite St Mary’s Church, were currently occupying positions directly in front of the Cheapside Market.

Seventy-two year old Marlene Moore of Free Hill, St Michael, who has been selling in the market for the past 30 years, was also concerned about the amount of illegal vending taking place outside the market, adding that those vendors were also selling at a lower price.

Marlene Moore also complains that she is unable to make sales from her stall.
Marlene Moore also complains that she is unable to make sales from her stall.

“Vendors who do not sell within the market and use the stalls as storage space should be asked to give them up,” she told Barbados TODAY.

Equally concerned about the situation was Janice Carter of Haynesville, St James, who has operating at Cheapside Market for over 15 years.

“We sell very little inside of the market. Customers buy from the vendors who are in front of the market and move on to catch the route taxis and minibuses in the Cheapside bus stand,” Carter said.

Also operating within the confines of the market today was Kenroy Harewood, who told Barbados TODAY he has been selling farm produce at Cheapside for the past five years, but with the upsurge in illegal vending, he seldom made any money.

The youthful Kenroy Harewood suggests that a fence should be erected around the market to rid it of illegal vending.
The youthful Kenroy Harewood suggests that a fence should be erected around the market to rid it of illegal vending.

Offering a solution to the problem, Harewood said: “Put up fencing in front of the market to solve the problem. It is time that the people in the market who pay their monthly rental fee to the Government get their rights.”

Today, senior officials of the Cheapside Market could not be reached for a comment on the situation.

5 Responses to Cheap move!

  1. Andrew Simpson April 27, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Government is to regulate where necessary; to provide the enabling environment, law and order for right behaviors to flourish. ‘Ministers’ must communicate with citizens and focus on policy.

  2. Donild Trimp April 27, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    “Some days I only make $10”. I feel sorry for this lady.

    How can anyone survive on $10 a day?

    Is this really Barbados?

  3. Sue Donym April 27, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    If there are physical problems that cause the registered vendors to vacate the market space, they should be identified and addressed. If it is that vendors are creating their own advantage by selling from the outside and not allowing patrons to choose a vendor outside, then the market authority and/or Police should address that.

    The market authority should check to ensure that all vendors are operating according to their licences. The Police should ensure that the walkways are clear and that pedestrians/buyers are not made to spill into the street, causing obvious danger. Similarly , the police are periodically seen to make illegal vendors pack up and move on; if legal vendors are operating outside the agreed space, they should be made to comply.

    Markets add convenience and a special kind of ambiance to towns and if operated with reason can flourish and even be a source of attraction. I would not like to see the market fenced as that would surely take away the feel of being inviting and charming

  4. Carson C Cadogan April 27, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    I support these vendors inside of the market 100%.

    The authorities need to clear the surroundings of the Cheapside Market of all vending activity. No one should be allowed to vend any where near the Cheapside market.

    And it can easily be done. The new person in charge of the Cheapside Post Office made it her number one priority to clear all vendors from the Post Office premises.

    So how come one Civil Servant in the Cheapside Post Office can get her duty done and done well and the Market Management wont do their jobs properly?

  5. dave April 28, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Michael Lashley Carson Cadogan and Margaret Knight need to answer some questions


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