Shining light on climate change

Hours after Barbados joined more than 170 other countries in signing the Paris Climate Agreement, the local chapter of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) gathered at Brandon’s Beach last evening to commemorate the event with the release of sky lanterns.

The programme, dubbed ‘Shining Light on Climate Change’, also coincided with the observance of Earth Day.

The event was held to commemorate the signing of the historic Paris Climate Agreement.

Under the Paris accord, which was reached at the United Nations Climate Change conference last December, all countries agreed to work to limit global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius, while aiming for a cap of 1.5 degrees.

“This is a very important historical day for all of us here at Caribbean Youth Environment Network, and we wanted through the media to educate and make … regular citizens aware of climate change and what implications it has on us.

“We want people to follow and create some level of action in terms of our climate, we often encounter quite a few things regarding climate change in terms of our water scarcity issues, we also felt a level of heat for the last few days which has made us very uncomfortable and these are very definite signs of climate change,” Coordinator of CYEN Barbados Sade Deane said.

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports, Stephen Lashley, reminded the gathering that Barbados is one of the small island developing states leading the discussion on climate change while being adversely impacted by it.

Minister Stephen Lashley assisting CYEN coordinator Sade Deane with the sky lantern.

“We are not in any way safeguarded from the impacts and ravages of climate change, we are a small state. We are being impacted on particularly on the west coast by the rising sea level and you would have seen quite a bit of erosion taking place over the years on the west coast in particular.

“Barbados is vulnerable because we depend certainly to a large extent on tourism as our major earner of foreign exchange, but more importantly our environment can be impacted on by climate change in so many ways. We are currently looking through the ministry of environment at how we are going to protect our reefs from further damage, some of it course is from pollution and some of it is as a result of the changes of the wave movement on our shoreline,” Lashley said.

Members of CYEN about to release their sky lantern.

The minister also noted that illegal dumping is another major environmental concern that the government has been grappling with in recent times, and stated that the Freundel Stuart administration has adopted a zero-tolerance approach towards the practice.

“I want young people to lead in this regard, to call on others who are found dumping, whether it is a  piece of papers whether it is a bigger bit of garbage but whatever it is, I want young people in Barbados to be very forthright in calling on illegal dumpers to clean up their act. Our beaches have suffered from that, and we see many young groups going on the beaches and having to clean up on weekends and that should not be.

“If we contribute to illegal dumping, we are also endangering our environment, we are moving away from what we want to achieve,” he noted.

The minister appealed to the young people present to take an active role in helping to protect the environment.

“We really need more young people forming organisations that will take the lead and come up with initiatives that are creative and certainly support the very area of climate change and how we can protect ourselves against climate change,” Lashley said. (KK)





4 Responses to Shining light on climate change

  1. Tara Inniss-Gibbs
    Tara Inniss-Gibbs April 23, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I’m not an expert but did someone think of the environmental impact of lanterns that will just fall into the sea and potentially harm sealife?

  2. Daniel Polonis
    Daniel Polonis April 23, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Sure Genius..lets heat up plastic bags with candles and let them float out into our sea’s eco system and choke some sea life..BEEEEEEAAAAAAUUUUUTTTTTT EEEEE FULLLL

  3. jrsmith April 24, 2016 at 5:22 am

    Climate change is a farce to only cover our useless politicians backside and is only to favour Corporates.. for people to say in Barbados and the region our shortage of water is because of climate , just show how far they are from the facts. Our politicians ignored the infrastructure of Barbados , the water problem started 3 decades ago the erosion of our beaches long before that..

    Simple logic the construction of new businesses new homes new hotels all add to the problem, our water source was good for 50 years ago but for today, the water was never replenished was never upgraded ,its matter of having a tank of water for 10 houses then and we now added 20 more houses but never increase the tank capacity..

    As flooding’s in Barbados nothing to do with climate change, we build on the land we pave over the land when the rain comes, no where to soak off, the silly wells dated since the sixties could handle the water then ,but all these educated people we have and no one with logic thinking , we need underground storm drainages system taking the water to the sea..

    Our shore line this is part of the infrastructure which was neglected by our politicians, as the roads the power the sewage a system that hasn’t work properly in 15 years.. the issues of pollution what part do we play, barbecuing pig tails, ..

    My question to all what was the world like a 1000 years ago, how polluted was it then, the pollution from the time so call developed countries were all rushing to become industrialize , we were never given the chance to join the merry band, but are now trying to convince ourselves we played a part polluting the earth atmosphere

    The earth is gradually recovering itself from the pollution man inflicted on this said earth. we are living in land we cannot control nature ,if we could we would be in a bigger mess,

    Man and the world we cant even control our selves, wars everywhere, terrorism everywhere, Air plane go missing we cant find the same, vehicles exploding everywhere , fridges washing machines, exploding everyday. 15 year olds as serial killers dirty old men as pheodofiles, when is our clever people trying to clean this mess up…..


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