Police probing Facebook notes

Lawmen are said to be investigating reports that official police notes on the April 13 Ellerslie School incident are currently circulating on Facebook.


When contacted, Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police David Welch said the Royal Barbados Police Force had been made aware of Facebook post.

“We are investigating the matter,” the Public Relations Officer told Barbados TODAY.

Welch also said the police probe into the actual incident was also ongoing. (FW)

One Response to Police probing Facebook notes

  1. andy April 23, 2016 at 7:57 am

    if this report is true how can a union condone such action and call for expulsion for student.What did they said to the teacher.We all know that some teachers are arrogant and think that they are above the law. if the chair was move how could the child sit. union should get the truth first.gov should take union to court if they strike for something like this.The teacher should be penalize because it seems the teacher was the instigator. lest hear her side of the story


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