Too reckless

St James South Member of Parliament Donville Inniss has expressed alarm at the level of indiscipline being displayed by Barbadians in all areas of life.

Inniss voiced this concern today in the House of Assembly while making a contribution to the debate on a resolution which sought to acquire parcels of land in St Thomas and St James for the Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project.

The outspoken parliamentarian said: “I am concerned at the level of indiscipline on our roads, especially through the public service vehicles.”

While describing the efforts of Minister of Transport Michael Lashley and his predecessor John Boyce to engage PSVs as “a step in the right direction”, Inniss said “what bothers me immensely is the number of these operators who are charged before the courts, found guilty and seem to be rewarded by continuing to operate with licences.

“We have to take these systems a lot more seriously. I fail to see how every couple of weeks and months individual drivers could be brought before the courts and found driving recklessly on our roads, causing accidents and still allowed to have their licences or the owners not dealt with.”

Addressing another area of indiscipline on the island’s roads, Inniss condemned motorcyclists who do “wheelies” while travelling at excessive speed.

Illegal dumping also caught the attention of the Minister of Small Business Development and even though he encourages entrepreneurship, he condemned coconut vendors who ply their trade along the highways and leave the empty shells for Government agencies to remove.

The St James South MP also lauded the vigilance of staff members of the Ministry of Health who were able to identify the trucker who illegally dumped garbage at Christie Village, St Thomas.

Another area of concern for the minister was a new craze where owners of vehicles were putting them up for sale along major highways across the country.

Inniss recalled an incident where he drew an owner’s attention to a practise which showed no respect for Government property and said he was taken to task with some of the most abusive language. (NC) 

3 Responses to Too reckless

  1. jrsmith April 20, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Bajans are behaving as like the politicians , for the politicians set a good example do the jobs you are paid to do. Bajans are breaking the laws because there isn’t much which is enforceable..

    I am finding this very strange all at a sudden a few politicians/ Ministers seems to have woken up from they slumber, Oh election time not far away.. at lease the people of Barbados cannot blame outside forces for the mess our country is in…

  2. harry turnover April 20, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    Donville Inniss,,,,your Government heads the table BY FAR when it comes to indiscipline

  3. Sue Donym April 20, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Let’s examine this: “Inniss said “what bothers me immensely is the number of these operators who are charged before the courts, found guilty and seem to be rewarded by continuing to operate with licences.””
    Is it the licence holders or even the PSV owners who renew the licences? Actually it’s the ministry presided over by the ministers you lauded. But if the courts shared the information on convictions with the licensing agency or if the demerit point system was enforced, maybe we could get a handle on the bothersome situation. Now guess who has it in their power to take appropriate action?


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