Marijuana used to make tea – Maynard

COURT TODAY BLOCKA 40-year-old man who ran when police showed up at his home on Tuesday to execute a warrant, has been remanded.

Lawmen discovered 220 marijuana plants at the home of Mark Antonio Maynard.

When the Belleplaine Housing Area, St Andrew resident went before Magistrate Ian Weekes at a sitting of the Belleplaine Court today, he pleaded guilty to the offences of drug possession, trafficking, intent to supply and cultivation.

The Belleplaine Court is housed at the District ‘D’ Magistrates Court,

Maynard, who is known to the court, will return for sentencing on May 12.

Sergeant Glenda Carter-Nicholls told the court that when police turned up at Maynard’s home, he fled the scene. Lawmen then found the plants growing in several areas of the backyard.

When the magistrate questioned Maynard today about his actions, the unemployed man replied that “things hard”. He also said the substance was used to make tea.

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  1. Sharon Taylor
    Sharon Taylor April 15, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    Lol nuff tea d man was making…..


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