Not a bad Dad

Father of St Peter boy admits he needs to man up

The father of the pre-teen boy from Station Hill, St Peter who was reported missing on Sunday has admitted that he often let his children down, blaming the lack of a steady job and inadequate housing for his fractured relationship with his offspring.

The man, who asked Barbados TODAY to refer to him only by his first name, Antonio, also admitted to deliberately deceiving the children when he promises to meet and spend time with them.

Antonio believes there is more to the story of his 11-year-old son Tarel Adams (inset) running away from home.
Antonio believes there is more to the story of his 11-year-old son Tarel Adams running away from home.

Eleven-year-old Tarel Taronta Adams ran away from home for the second time in three days on Sunday in what his mother, Kimberly Adams, said was a desperate search for his dad with whom he craved a relationship.


Adams said the boy was walking from Speightstown all the way to St Michael to try to find his father, who he had not seen since January and who had repeatedly broken his promises to spend time with his son.

In an interview this morning with Barbados TODAY at an Eagle Hall, St Michael location, Antonio, who is also the father of a 13-year-old daughter with Adams, said he knew he was wrong for not being fully involved in the children’s lives.

However, the father of three with a fourth on the way, explained that the children could not live with him at this time because he was not allowed to have them at the place he currently rents.

He said he did not have a stable job, and the money he earned from shoe repairs was only sufficient to keep a roof over his head and not enough to support the children.

Antonio also admitted that he purposefully lies to his offspring when he promises to pick them up to spend time with them, something he said he does with a heavy heart because he did not like telling them no.

“I does can’t tell them no. I does tell them a story to build up dem confidence. But deep inside my heart that does be hurting me when I doing that with them because I know them can’t come where I is.

“I would love all of my kids and that is the gospel truth. But money and a roof to put all of them together is where the problem is. If I had a proper job that I could go and rent a nice house, sure my children would be with me,” he said.

The boy’s father said he was aware that he needed to pull up his socks and carry out his fatherly duties.

When asked if he planned to reach out to his son, Antonio said he would sit and talk with Tarel as soon as possible.

“For sure, I need to. Sometimes when I go down by Tarel school in Eagle Hall he would give me a big hug and got me feel guilty sometimes too,” he said.

In an interview with Barbados Today yesterday morning, the boy’s mother Kimberly Adams said all her son wanted was a relationship with his dad. She said the father’s absence had had a profound effect on the boy’s behaviour at school and at church.

However, Antonio said today he felt there was more to the story, hinting that Tarel’s behaviour suggested that all was not well at home. He said whenever he spoke to the children they expressed their desire to live with him.

“So I believe the problem coming from in the house where the children is and that is why that little boy running and dodging. He want to tell me things but I ain’t getting a chance to see he so he could tell me one-on-one.

“I know there is more to it than what she saying. He was living with she [Adams] a good while and he didn’t doing this. At ten years old you can’t be fed up, you ain’t no big man,” the father said.

“Tarel is running and he needs to see me,” he added.

Antonio said the last time he had a special bond with Tarel was in 2014 when he lived in Speightstown and the boy would visit him often. But he said the relationship became strained after he moved to St Michael.

“It difficult. People could only assume and say I is a bad father but only the Lord knows,” he said.

Antonio and Adams ended their relationship before Tarel was born.

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  1. Arlene Browne April 13, 2016 at 12:41 am

    U better pull up ya damn socks. U can’t even provide for the children u currently have and still got the gall to say that another child on its way.

    There is no excuse for u to not have a relationship with your children. The boy is crying out for his father. Step up to the plate before it is too late.

  2. dave April 13, 2016 at 1:00 am

    What is the purpose of sex ? These men really need to be spoken to and guided. So many are misguided in this society , doing so much crap . Too much is left up to chance. To this ‘man’ – ‘father’ .- There are many open public spaces that you can meet and share time with the child. Stop making excuses !!

  3. Trace Carter
    Trace Carter April 13, 2016 at 1:04 am

    Man man lack of a job lack of a home, you’re right in your head you have a touch screen in your hand big man, stop trying to put ur hat where you can’t reach an be a father,it’s the small things kids need,love,u don’t need money for that,i don’t have kids but i live around kids that some father not around and i teach them things like roast breadfruit,cooking an outside pot, sit down talk to them about my days, at school,stop talking about your not a bad father you are,any time a kid leave home looking for his father or mother something is wrong, i’m blaming the mom also thursday he leave home and your think he’s at Q, this child crying for love, giving children clothes like brand name is not what a child need,try giving a child love,know what take the love you guys put into your relationship,and give it to your children then you see and understand

  4. Sherene Drakes-Seales
    Sherene Drakes-Seales April 13, 2016 at 2:11 am

    I swear some people ought to be neutered!!
    The kids already have a roof over their heads. What they need is a bit of your time that’s all!! a regular evening out.. Cheffette ice-cream or pizza.. Sno cone in speightstown and a long loving walk on the beach jus chatting and laughing with daddy. Deliberately lying to and deceiving those kids does indeed make you a bad father. The best thing about you are those kids. Looking at you makes me throw up in my mouth!! You should be ashamed!! And to think you believe your own bs!! Freaking King Dyal wannabe!!

  5. Brewster April 13, 2016 at 7:17 am

    Listen! Anyone that should be walking from St Michael to Speightstown is you. Your son is crying out for some plain and simple attention. He aint business whether you are rich or poor, but he obviously loves you. You have to reach out to him. He is your number one priority. Stop fathering children if you can’t take care of what you already got. Do the right thing now before it is too late! I really feel for the boy and I pray that he turns up safely. If anything was to happen to him you will be to blame. ACT NOW NOT LATER!

  6. Brerlou King April 13, 2016 at 9:40 am


    I’m not making excuses. I’m looking for solutions. I can’t believe that this man’s child will visit the same kind of hurt on his children that he is putting on the kid. However, instead of hurling abuse at the man, for his obviously twisted values, we need to ask, what causes a man to become like that, and what can be done to break the chain of cause and effect that results in not just this boy, but all those little girls running away from home?
    Many people reject the Christian values some of us are taught, as being too unrealistic and impossible to follow, except for saints. Maybe they are, but what then can we do to place SOME structure into the heads of people like this, to at least make them aware that the world is not buying their childish excuses. How can you want to hurt a child in this way? Is he a narcissist, incapable of feeling anything but his own needs, or is he just unwittingly visiting on others his own pain, that he has inured himself against. There is NO way, that he could have come up in a happy household.

  7. Leslay April 13, 2016 at 10:21 am

    I honestly can’t remember anyone saying the boy run away. All I think that the children want is to spend time with you as a dad. They don’t want a six course meal or all those expensive things. If you can’t bring them by you for wahtever reason, arrange to pick them up and take them by the beach for some quality time, if you don’t have money for Cheffette or some place so, take them to one of the many scenic views or parks we have here in Barbados, but it so all over the world, but you need to see them. Stop looking for excuses and stop lying. Its better to tell them as it is. Children these days are alot smarter and understanding that we adults think. Do this before you end up losing them for good and they really don’t want you in their lives.

    I know that things are a bit hard, but how can you not live up to your responsibility, it takes two to tango, and now you have another on his/her way. Don’t ever let circumstances or new relationships stop you from having a relationship with your children. These maybe the children that may someday be able to help you and yours. They reaching out, a bit of love and quality time is needed.

  8. mostmark April 13, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Antonia, you are a Deadbeat Father. Nothing but a loser. Despite your purported difficult financial times you have impregnated another woman. You are a irresponsible person. The LIES and DECEIT continues. You are rotten at the core.

  9. Sue Donym April 13, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Just a few metres away from Station Hill is the play park next to the Maurice Byer polyclinic. Walk less than 5 minutes and you’re at the playing field at Speightstown – you know, opposite where you would get off the bus. And the beach is barely another 100 metres west. Any questions, Dad? Think you could save one shoe repair a month to pay bus fare? A little for a football or cricket bat? Honestly, I think any club would give a used bat or ball for a good cause. Make the effort, not excuses.

  10. jrsmith April 13, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    The father has financial problems but he has another child on the way . He has no real concern to stop what he is doing he don’t really care , just like most black men not only in Barbados … The blame should be with the women as well ,all they are is baby factories they cant really think that much of themselves with the same attitude breeding ,breeding ..
    Something has got to be done to stop this stupidness. we need a paternity court and a free DNA testing LAB. this would be a lot cheaper than allowing kids to be brought into this world to suffer. We don’t even have proper child care departments that work in Barbados. But then again nothing works, we have the most non productive Government ever in Barbados…

  11. Sherlock Holmes. April 13, 2016 at 11:22 pm


  12. janette reifer April 13, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    You all need to keep that piece of foolishness in all you pants. So that you all wouldn’t confuse the society. The public worrying about where this child could be and you talking a lot of nonsense. Money is not all to like. Big chain and the likes. Stop making excuses being a poor excuse for a father.

  13. Angela Fergusson April 14, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Antonio please hear your son’s cry and make time to see your son immediately. He is reaching out to you right this moment. Please, even if you do not have money to give, make time to spend with him. Kindly let him know how much you love him and at the s time call him, go see him and spend precious time with Tarel.
    After all he is yours. Give him somethiing, hug him, hold his hand, touch him on the shoulder, ask him how he is feeling? I believe you want to provide for your children, so keep trying to find the legal way to do so. I will repeat ” Please spend time with your children, in particular right now with TAREL!” He wants his Dad!

  14. tenroad April 15, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    tie a knot in it !


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