Estwick to address country on water challenges

Minister of Water Resource Management Dr David Estwick is scheduled to address the country on the ongoing water challenges.

Word of this from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, who revealed during Sunday night’s political meeting in his St Michael South constituency that Dr Estwick had discussed with members of Cabinet, as recently as Thursday, a short-term plan, which “will help to ameliorate the conditions in those areas where there have been acute water problems”.

Stuart added that the Barbados Water Authority has had to close some wells because of rising salt levels.

And noting that many of the water mains in the island were installed as early as 1852, Stuart took issue with recent criticisms levelled by the Opposition, charging that the former Barbados Labour Party administration had failed to embark on an islandwide mains replacement programme when the country was awash with funds. (NC)  

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  1. BaJan boy April 13, 2016 at 5:39 am

    Well he could not have discussed anything with you since you don’t normally return their text when they text you as they have to in order to get any hearing of any sort at any time.In fact little Hitler said he would never text big Hitler again nor ever speak to him cause he has no respect for anyone in cabinet and treats them like children. He needs to address his management style instead of finding time to constantly be in the internal affairs of the BLP


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