For peace sake!

Husband ordered to attend AA

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter pleading guilty last Monday to assaulting his wife, Henderson Obrian Lorde was placed on an 18-month bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

Additionally, if he does not attend Alcoholics Anonymous as stipulated, he will be brought back to court for alternative sentencing.

“You are 46 years old and you look older than me. You know what that tells me?” asked Acting Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch.

“That the alcohol is taking more from you than you are taking from the alcohol. You need to stop.”

Lorde, of Church Hill, Christ Church was remanded last week after he admitted assaulting his wife Michelle Daniel on April 2.

He also told the court that she attacked him first and had “hit me all cross my body with a hammer” resulting in a swollen face, shoulder and  hand. After hearing that, the magistrate felt it would be best for Lorde not to return to the marital home yet.

When Daniel attended court today and was asked to speak about the matter, she said she “really didn’t want him to go to jail”.

“So you are willing to forgive him his sins then?” the court asked.

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“But you know that he said you committed some sins against him too?”

“Well, we all commit sins,” the wife replied, adding that her husband was “a very nice person when he doesn’t drink”. She therefore said all she wanted was for him to stop drinking since she believed their marriage could work if he gives up the bottle.

Previously, Sergeant Azel Skeete stated that after meeting last year, the couple got married on February 25. Lorde came home on several occasions intoxicated and had verbally and physically abused his wife. On the day in question, she was in bed when Lorde came into the bedroom and pushed her. They fought and during the altercation, Lorde punched her in the stomach and slapped her in the back with a cutlass.

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