Drug trafficker blames skin disorder

COURT TODAY BLOCKCorey Ramont Jordan learnt today that selling marijuana to pay the doctor for medical services is not the way to go.

Jordan, 35, went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, on three drug charges.

The Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael resident pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, having a trafficable amount and intent to supply.

Outlining the facts, Station Sergeant Neville Watson said Jordan was seen sitting among some men at Princess Royal Avenue, Pine, St Michael on Saturday.

When the police vehicle passed, he took up a white shirt and ran off. The police gave chase and saw him throwing the shirt over a paling. When it was retrieved, 21 small Ziploc bags were found inside, along with 57 greaseproof wrappings of marijuana.

Watson said Jordan told police it was his to smoke. However, in court today, he confessed to Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he intended to sell the contraband.

When given the opportunity to address the court, Jordan said he has a skin condition, eczema, and “I have to pay the dermatologist $100 every visit . . . I had to do something.”

“So you are selling the drugs?” the magistrate asked.

“In between,” Forde said.

“How is it going? You making money?” Magistrate Frederick queried.

“Well, it helping me to pay the dermatologist,” Forde responded.

“Well, I hope you have enough to pay the court too.”

Forde was hit with a $1,500 forthwith fine, with the alternative of three months’ imprisonment. It was paid.

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  1. Angela Maria
    Angela Maria April 12, 2016 at 5:22 am


  2. Tony Webster April 12, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    BRAIN disorder….assuming he did not suffer from microcephalis.
    Hey! That sounds like an acceptable legal defense….in the next decade or so. No charge to my legal beagle friends.


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