AC going full blast this season

Just over a year ago, veteran calypsonian Adrian Clarke underwent surgery to correct a pinched nerve in his C4/C5 vertebrae.

Today, he told Bajan Vibes he was doing much better and feeling great.

“I am not as young as I used to be and, of course, there are certain things I have to do to maintain my health; but I am doing good,” he said.

Clarke is now looking forward, with bated breath, to the upcoming Crop Over season. However, he said preparations were slow at the moment.

“I have an eight-to-four job which sometimes calls for overtime; so I am quite busy at the moment. But I have my ideas long time, just waiting to have the final takes and to decide on which one I will do,” the calypsonian explained.

And though he admits to not being as young as before, he has no plans of slowing down any time soon. He will be entering all three major competitions this year.

“There are people older than me who do it; and it won’t be the first time I have entered all three competitions. I don’t have to be in every fete unless I absolutely need to; but I will be
competing in all three. I plan to put the music out there and see what the public likes,” he added.

Clarke told Bajan Vibes that so far there was one song of his he felt extremely confident about.

“I am swimming with ideas right now. People are even offering me songs to sing. But there is one in particular I am writing. I’m sure if it’s done right, it will have the people singing along. It’s for Pic-O-De-Crop and will reflect something about the 50th anniversary. It’s taking some time to come together,” he revealed.

And, AC said he would be doing a collaboration with his daughter Azizi, who was the winner of the inaugural BT Crop Over Superstar Competition.

“We had this one written for a while; so we are finally going to do it this year. We are looking at doing a ragga soca as well; but recording is quite expensive, so we have to be very careful with the ones we select to do. [Azizi] also has some she is doing on her own,” he added.

With regard to his changing tents, Clarke said it was simply a business decision.

“There’s no bad blood between me and anyone in Headliners . . . . I have been asked before to join De Big Show, and I decided to go that route this year. Nothing will be different. I will see what I can do to make my contribution in this new tent,” he explained.

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