No honeymoon

husband and wife trade blows

COURT TODAY BLOCKAlthough Henderson O’Brian Lorde pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, the police facts and the accused man’s versions of what happened were so much at variance that the magistrate ordered a social inquiry report on the couple.

Lorde, of Church Hill, Christ Church admitted assaulting his wife Michelle Daniel on April 2.

Sergeant Azel Skeete pointed out that Lorde already had a case in the same court on February 11, where he was accused of assaulting another female complainant.

The prosecutor told the District ‘C’ Magistrates’ Court today that Lorde and Daniel met last year, were living together and got married on February 25.

He said that Lorde came home on several occasions intoxicated and had been verbally and physically abusive to the woman. On the day in question, Daniel was on the bed when Lorde came into the bedroom and pushed her.

Tired of the disrespect, the woman charged at him. The accused punched her in the stomach and they fought. She got away and the accused armed himself with a cutlass and slapped her in the back with it.

“Me and my wife always got we little differences . . . I went home a Saturday and as I get home, I get all uh this here. I get slap in my face; I get hit in my face with a hammer; she hit me all ‘cross my body with a hammer . . . My face still swollen; and my shoulder and my hand,” he said.

Asked by acting Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch whether he had sought medical attention, Lorde explained that while he was at the police station, he told a policeman about his injuries. He said the officer promised to get back to him, but never did.

“This is a very unfortunate set of circumstances,” Birch remarked. “I can’t send you back to this house.”

He also informed Lorde that Daniel could no longer be his surety in the first matter since she now had a matter against him.

“If I send you back to that house, there is no guarantee I will see you again,” Birch said.

The convicted man expressed concern about his “years in Government”, adding that his wife was always threatening to make him “lose them”.

“I could go next door by my brother,” Lorde suggested.

“As far as the law allows, let me put you where you are safe,” Birch advised.

Lorde was remanded until next Monday.

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