Stuart wants more

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart wants China to become a leading tourist market for Barbados.

It is not immediately clear how many Chinese tourists visit Barbados each year, but Stuart said he wanted more.

However, he told a six-member Chinese delegation visiting here recently, that in order to ease travel between the Asian country and Barbados, it was important that they finalize an air services agreement and the relevant visa requirements.

“We are paying special attention to getting those visa requirements worked out because we want to make travel between the two countries as easy as possible,” Stuart was quoted as saying in a release from the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS).

The Prime Minister described the relationship between the two countries as “a long and fruitful” one, both working together at the political, economic, cultural and military levels.

The Barbadian leader said he was pleased about China’s relationship with the Barbados Defence Force, adding that the training and equipment received had done much to strengthen that organization.

“We look forward to the deepening of that relationship and expanded training opportunities from China at the military level,” the BGIS release quoted Stuart as saying.

The delegation was led by Deputy Chief of the Office of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of National Defence Major General Changming Hu, who agreed that China and Barbados had enjoyed good bilateral relations for close to 40 years.

He also said that the Chinese President attached “great importance” to the relationship between the two countries.

“We strongly believe that our relationship will become better and go to a new level,” he was quoted as saying through an interpreter.

He added that a large number of Chinese travel overseas and he looked forward to some of them visiting Barbados.

3 Responses to Stuart wants more

  1. Tony Webster April 2, 2016 at 5:53 am

    1. China / its citizens , is /are more likely to visit the first hotel/ resort to be constructed on the Spratley Islands, before our hotels are over-run by those speaking mandarin.

    2. This “eastern effort” (policy?) is lilely grounded on either desperation ( no other options); or on an ill-conceived effort to play High-stakes trying to nudge our customary western friends, into coughing-up more grants/ soft sloans, by tricking them into believing we hold 3-4 aces, and they better ease-up on us-or else!!

    Or else what? Hmmm…we cud play a low card , like let dem supply (give) B.D.F. some Chinese trucks and communications stuff, and some “defense equipment” , (perhaps our first B.D.F. helicopter… purely for rescuing tourisses and adrift fishermen?). Other guesses welcome as to what might come in are welcome under such a broad head). Hmm…we cd fix-up de old U.S Navy base, into a “Water-park-cum-northern-airport”…Kelly would go cock-a-hoop.

    This game is fraught. Let those wwid eyes see; and those wid brains recognise that this is a quantum leap…into the unknown. Yes, we coukd perhaps gain some leverage re narrow segments , such as in easy loans and construction projects which would look nice at election-time…but would you really welcome Winston Hall into your home as a long-stay guest…merely because he was smiling at you, and had a bag of mangoes in hand?

    Excuse me…I need to go off to church now, to pray for my nation, and my country-men; it is NOT (yet) a Chinese Church- not that their constitution does not allow such…it’s just that such activities- along with other little freedoms such as media, and speech, and a democratic ethos…are “tightly controlled”.

    You can bet your last noodle that this particular hand of poker will have implications which will concern our children and grand-children.

  2. Nathaniel Samuels April 2, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Is this a way to get the attention of the USA? Is this desperation? What is he trying to get near to home? Is he playing one against the other?

  3. jrsmith April 3, 2016 at 7:38 am

    What China has done in the past, has all been forgiven , again we see the display of some one who is way in over his head, our priminister cannot think beyond visitors coming to Barbados.
    The game play, we are so out of it we need to wake up smell the coffee , the USA have allowed the Chinese to get involved in Barbados and the region, for some time now because the heat is taken out of they themselves treating the region is as like a sore thumb..
    When last has our Government / Priminister consult the media to inform bajans , we have a company as a manufacture coming in the next months period, to employ 150 bajans on 2 or 3 shifts periods making sweetbread and turnovers. Nil but all we hear is the dream of tourism , because its what he think he know.. Barbados and the region has a major problem , its call (CUBA)because the big Corporates need not tolerate the stupid waste of time and effort by our sorry ass politicians…

    Obama two terms in office , could anyone remember him making a direct reference to the region , he had a flying visit to Jamaica and that’s because he had an official visit next door to the region and the visit was just to kill time, but on return to the US Jamaica
    was scolded as to they illegal use of transmitted media traffic from the US.

    Our region is the football for the so call developed countries, they attack us when it suits them…


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