$18 in ‘herb’ costs Mayers $750 fine

After spending just two days on remand, Martino Jamar Mayers hastily changed his plea to guilty when he returned to court today.

And while it resulted in him hobbling out of the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court a free man, it wasn’t before he had forked out $1,100 to fines.

Dressed in all blue and walking with a noticeable limp due to a right ankle injury, the 21-year-old of Bannister Land, Martindales Road, St Michael pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis when he appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant.

On Monday, after initially pleading not guilty to the offence, he was remanded to HMP Dodds.

On his return today, it was revealed by police prosecutor, Sergeant Neville Reid that Mayers had been placed on probation by the District ‘C’ Magistrates Court for a period of two years, commencing April 2014.

Breaching the probation carried a fine of $350 forthwith or 28 days in prison. Cuffy-Sargeant ordered him to pay the $350 forthwith, as well as $750 forthwith with an alternative of six months in prison.

Both fines were paid.

Reid had earlier told the court that while police were conducting operations at Bannister Land, St Michael last Sunday, they spotted Mayers walking through a track.

He looked in the direction of the police and attempted to run, but was held. Police then observed him dropping an article from his right hand and a transparent plastic wrapping containing marijuana.

When asked to account for it, he said, “I drop that little herb from my right hand.” The drugs weighed 5.19 grams, with a street value of $18.

Mayers was then arrested and charged.

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