Sada’s Rio 2016 bound

Sada Williams is heading to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics.

Today, the Harrison College student, formerly of Coleridge & Parry, ran a record-breaking time of 22.61 seconds in the 200 metres to qualify her for the summer games.

Golden girl Sada Williams
Golden girl Sada Williams

And for the down-to-earth athlete, the feeling is quite unbelievable.

“It’s very overwhelming and a great feeling. It’s still settling in, but I can tell you the feeling is nice,” Sada said shortly after her race at the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletic Championships.

However, she said she had been expecting to qualify in the 400 metres as opposed to the 200.

“I always knew I had the opportunity to qualify, and it was a dream of mine from very young; but I really wasn’t thinking about qualifying for the 200 metres; just the 400 metres.”

Sada told Barbados TODAY that while she had been training hard, she wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. She is now looking forward to being with the bigger ladies very soon.

“I just want to thank my coach Ramon Armstrong for all the hard work. He was my coach from the get-go at CP, and he really worked hard with me,” she said.

Armstrong said he was not the least bit surprised Sada had qualified for Rio de Janeiro so young, and that he expected her to run even faster as the season went on.

“I’m very excited about Sada going to the Olympics. She only started track and field seriously about three years ago, and she has excelled quickly . . . . It wasn’t a surprise because we anticipated that from last year, and our preparations were quite under way for that. The time was excellent. And I know as she goes on she will get faster,” the coach said, adding he believed she would qualify for the 400 metres as well.

Coleridge & Parry physical education teacher Wanda Agard-Belgrave said she too was extremely proud of Sada’s achievement.

“She’s my girl, and I always knew she was going to make it. I want her to keep her head up and stay focused and fight for the goal. We at CP will always be backing her,” Agard-Belgrave said.

And while its common knowledge that Inter-School Sports, as it’s more popularly known, is not like it was before, it’s safe to say, it’s well on its way to becoming as we once knew it.

While the atmosphere on the spectators’ side was quite hushed and relaxed, the students located on the eastern side of the National Stadium were doing their all to have the time of their lives supporting their various schools.

And the familiar sound of the drums and noisemakers, though faint, painted a picture of what sports was like creating the lively atmosphere the student’s love oh, so much!

Congrats to Christ Church Foundation and The Lester Vaughan School for taking the titles in this year’s competition.

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  1. Jeffrey Brathwaite
    Jeffrey Brathwaite March 18, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    She could reach the final, the best of luck for her (if she needs it).

  2. Lica March 19, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Congratulations to Christ church foundation Job we’ll done!
    Dgs n most of all the Lodge school!


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