James jailed for his own protection

COURT TODAY BLOCKMagistrate Douglas Frederick today remanded a St Philip man to HMP Dodds for a second time, out of concern for the accused’s own safety.

Despite the pleadings of counsel and the accused himself, the magistrate reiterated that his main concern was still for the safety of Dave Fidel Aristide James.

James, who resides at Brereton, first went before the District ‘A” Magistrates Court a month ago, accused of robbing Lamar Thompson of a $20 chain, a cellular phone and $339 on February 3.

Today, police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Watson renewed his objections to bail for the 22-year-old accused, based again on James’ antecedents of robbery and theft, the fact that police were still investigating the matter and seeking another person, and his fear that releasing the accused might thwart those efforts.

In his bail application, attorney-at-law Sydney Pinder, representing the accused, asked the court to balance both sides and to grant his client bail since “the liberty of the subject is paramount.”

He also repeated that his client was the one who had suffered at the hands of other persons; so much so that James had to run inside a police station where he collapsed.

Pinder also submitted that it was unlikely that James’ trial would begin anytime soon and he therefore should not have to be incarcerated until such time.

Questioned by the court, James again told Magistrate Frederick that he had been attacked and injured by about 15 men. Once again, the magistrate felt that he was justified in remanding James for his own protection.

“So how are you going to get away from 15 men who want to kill you? If 15 men wanted to kill me in li’l Buhbaduss, I would beg the police to put me in a cell. This is real serious,” Frederick stressed.

The court then urged James to co-operate fully with police and instructed the prosecutor to work on the file as a priority.

“If I incarcerated, I can’t help the police,” James responded.

“I prefer to have you whole. You know how it would hurt me if I let you out and you end up dead? These fellows who you say are after you are still at large,” Frederick stressed.

James will return to court on April 14.

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