Broken thigh doesn’t daunt centenarian Muriel . . .

Just weeks ago, centenarian Muriel Greenidge was hospitalized after suffering a fractured thigh. A believer in the Lord, she held on to the idea she would pull through. And, placing her case in God’s hand, she certainly did.

Muriel Greenidge celebrated her 100th  birthday today.
Muriel Greenidge celebrated her 100th
birthday today.

Yesterday, the cast came off; and today she was sitting firmly in a chair at the Gentle Folks Nursing Home at Neils Plantation in Salters, St George, where she was greeted by Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, who paid her a visit on her 100th birthday.

Greenidge was not able to speak about her life’s journey to Barbados TODAY, but her great-nephew Calvin Smith, whom she raised from a babe, spoke about the woman he adored.

Centenarian Muriel Greenidge being shown  some affection by her great-nephew Calvin Smith.
Centenarian Muriel Greenidge being shown
some affection by her great-nephew Calvin Smith.

Smith described his aunty as a “loving and gentle soul” who was well respected in the Maxwell Hill, Christ Church community where she spent most of her life, before going to live at the home eight years ago. He said Greenidge did not have any children of her own, but willingly mothered many of her nieces and nephews.

“All of her sister’s children she helped to raise, even though they were scattered around. She touched bases with everyone, and she was always giving to them,” Smith recalled.

Greenidge worked as a domestic in the 1960s and early 1970s, after which she became a homemaker, enjoying cooking and working in her kitchen garden whose produce
she shared with the people of her community.

Smith noted that the centenarian sometimes recalled things that had happened years ago, but had trouble recapturing short-term memories. The old lady does not suffer from any major illnesses, but Smith indicated she was definitely showing the effects of old age.

“She has a little bit of dementia. And her bones are fragile. She talks sometimes; sometimes she doesn’t,” he said.

Manager of the nursing home, Jenise Belgrave, told the media that though Greenidge had her physical challenges, she was generally a pleasant old lady who got along well
with her caretakers.

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