Three now wards of the state

A father whose pain turned to anger after his three children were recently made wards of the state may now have to fight the Child Care Board (CCB) to get back custody.

Anthony Selman, 50, of Smith Road, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael who told Barbados TODAY two days ago that he vowed to fight tooth and nail to get his children back home in his care was served with a notice from the Supreme Court of Barbados this evening, informing him that the children were now wards of the state until a further order of the court.

The claim was lodged by the CCB against Selman and his partner, the children’s mother, Harriett Hackett.

Selman told Barbados TODAY shortly after he received the notice that he and his partner were preparing to speak to their lawyer as the notice also stated that they were to appear in court sometime next week.

“They mean that they want to take away my children from me. We gine got to talk to the lawyer because they say we got to go to court. This [notice] saying that we can’t go to the children school and talk to them or anything,” Selman said.

A legal spokesman for the CCB informed Barbados TODAY that the children were removed from the home under the Prevention Of Cruelty To Children Act. (AH)

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  1. lennox hewitt March 17, 2016 at 5:46 am

    State dont just take way children so from parents unless dum n getting treat good so he should say what reslly happen dat children belong to d state now so b4 people blame d Court for taking dum way find out d truth cause a box as someone say hope in gaw get permission to use this line but a book got more than one page lol so wunna read all d pages cause on d last page you ill find out wa happen


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