Best learns the hard way

COURT TODAY BLOCKIan Antonio Best learnt a valuable lesson today.

Unable to find the man whom he stood as a surety for, Best had to part ways with $1,000.

However, things could have been twice as bad for the 39-year-old joiner of Jackson, St Michael.

When he last appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court on February 15, Magistrate Douglas Frederick had given Best three weeks to find David Wilfred and bring him to court, otherwise Best would have had to forfeit the $2,000 bail amount.

Today, he returned without Wilfred and with only $1,200.

Asking the court to be lenient on her client, attorney Shadia Simpson revealed that Best had made several efforts to communicate with Wilfred.

She told the court that Wilfred had not only refused to speak with Best, but had also been aggressive and violent towards him.

Before ordering him to pay half the bail amount, Frederick warned him to be careful in the future about who he chose to help.

“Don’t put yourself in these types of situations, especially when you see a grandmother remove herself as a surety for the said person.

“I’m going to discharge you from that responsibility of being a surety and put a warrant out for his arrest, but you will have to forfeit $1,000 in the process,” the magistrate told him.

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