Parris’ money battle continues

Still no decision yet on whether embattled former executive chairman Leroy Parris will get to keep a $3.3 million payment made out to him before the collapse of CLICO International Life (CIL).

The company’s Judicial Manager has been claiming that the money is rightfully CIL’s.

However, the High Court began hearing arguments today by Parris’ attorney Hal Gollop, QC, as well as Vernon Smith, QC, who is representing Parris’ private company Branlee Consulting Services.

The two attorneys are trying to convince the court that the $3.3 million was lawfully obtained and therefore their clients do not owe the insurance firm.

The trial resumes next Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Ramon Alleyne is appearing on behalf of the Judicial Manager – Deloitte Consulting.

One Response to Parris’ money battle continues

  1. Karen March 11, 2016 at 9:48 am

    All these “high profie” lawyers fighting for him to keep millions. Who fighting for the poor policy holders who may never get 1 red cent but Mr. Parris continues to live large and in charge. Smh


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