Draft gender policy =to go before Cabinet

Barbadian women seem to be having a satisfactory year thus far, a senior official of the Ministry of the Social Care suggested today.

Acting Permanent Secretary Janet Phillips referred to the recent completion of a draft National Policy on Gender Affairs which will be submitted to Cabinet for consideration by the end of this month.

She also referred to recent amendments to domestic violence legislation that was passed in Parliament.

Philips was speaking at a Bureau of Gender Affairs event to celebrate International Women’s Day and also 50 years of gender and development.

She said the Gender Policy was the guiding framework through which gender perspectives were being brought to the forefront of national planning in order to advance development.

“We also celebrate the contribution of the Bureau of Gender Affairs as it continues to be the secretariat to the National Task Force for the Prevention of Human Trafficking, noting that only last week, the Trafficking in Persons Prevention Bill 2016 was passed,” Phillips said.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Care Janet Phillips (right) presenting Dame Patricia Symmonds with her bouquet.
Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Care Janet Phillips (right) presenting Dame Patricia Symmonds with her bouquet.

The Acting Permanent Secretary said the Bureau’s “Celebration of 50 years of Gender and Development” provides Barbadians with an opportunity to select 10 persons who will be honoured for their work.

She said the project involves a compilation of the words, works and vision of the people of Barbados and seeks to highlight the work of the Government, the Bureau and the women and men who have contributed to the development of gender equality and equity and social justice during the past 50 years.

A documentary will be produced about these persons, the issues they confronted, the approaches they took in resolving the issues as well as their vision for Barbados in the next 50 years, Phillips said.

Each nominee must be over 18-years-old, a national of Barbados and their work must have made a significant impact on the achievement of gender and development for a society of equality and social justice.

Nominations will be accepted from Government departments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, trade unions, schools, churches and individuals.

All nominations must reach the Bureau of Gender Affairs no later than May 14, 2016 and may be sent by email to 50yearsgenderanddev@gmail.com.

Today, women who contributed to the island’s social, cultural and political development were celebrated by the Bureau of Gender Affairs.

Phillips noted that the International Women’s Day 2016 campaign involved a call for a Pledge for Parity. She noted that the world community, including Barbados, and individuals were being asked to take concrete steps to help achieve gender parity.

Dame Mazie Barker-Welch and Dame Patricia Symmonds were among women honoured.

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