Cumberbatch steals from his former ‘employers’

COURT TODAY BLOCKEdward DaCosta ‘Inches’ Cumberbatch will be spending the next 18 months in jail after confessing to three offences.

Cumberbatch, 52, had earlier been placed on a six-month bond by Magistrate Douglas Frederick, who today sentenced him to 12 months in jail for burglarizing an apartment and three additional months for having cocaine. The sentences will run consecutively.

The court heard that on February 10 this year, he entered Nicole Clarke’s apartment as a trespasser and stole several items from her and her cousin Patricia Clarke, both of whom are non-nationals.

Cumberbatch stole an electronic tablet, chain, handbag, $1,000 and other items worth $3,221 from Nicole Clarke and a cellular phone, $1,000, a handbag and other property from Patricia Clarke, valued $1,510.

He also admitted to having a small amount of cocaine and apparatus fit for use in connection with the substance on March 4.

According to Station Sergeant Neville Watson, the Clarkes were staying in an apartment on the bottom floor of a building, enclosed by a 15-foot high wall.

On the date of the offence, the cousins went out and when they returned, they noticed that a wrought iron door was unlocked and the padlock missing.

Nicole heard a rumbling sound come from inside the apartment which continued into the yard. She followed the sound and saw Cumberbatch – whom she knew – with her handbag. A check inside the apartment revealed that the property was missing.

In relation to the cocaine and the apparatus, police found them on Cumberbatch while they were investigating the matter and had reason to search him. When they asked him to account for the items, Cumberbatch asked police: “You mean you got the dope and the pipe too?”

Asked by Magistrate Douglas Frederick today why he broke into the apartment, Cumberbatch said he had done work for the women but “they was not paying me”.

“But you too old to be getting involved in these things. At your age you jumping over 15 foot walls?” the magistrate asked.

“If you work and don’t get paid, you just don’t go back to work,” Magistrate Frederick advised before sentencing Cumberbatch.

“Thank you very much,” Cumberbatch responded after hearing of his jail time.

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