Wrapper controversy unravels

The student at the centre of a so-called wrapper controversy returns to the classroom on Monday after being away from school for the nearly three months.

However, instead of her usual classroom at Springer Memorial, the student is headed to a private learning institution in St Michael.

The girl’s mother Elecia Weekes has been tightlipped on the development in keeping with her lawyer’s advice.

However, a source with intimate knowledge of the situation, told Barbados TODAY that based on developments in recent days, the 11-week drama was finally nearing its end.

It all began last December when the student reportedly refused to pick up a wrapper, as per her teacher and principal’s instruction. This led to her suspension and subsequent expulsion from Springer, as the Principal Pauline Benjamin, who was adamant that the student could not return to the classroom unless she did as she was told, locked horns with the girl’s mother at the height of the bitter and highly publicized conflict.

However, following a meeting last month with Minister of Education Ronald Jones, the 15-year-old, who has been taking private lessons in recent weeks, has been placed at an unnamed private school.

“She is smiling again. She is upbeat. She is happy. The focus now is not only to get her settled into the new school environment but also to help her to see how best she can do in her upcoming CXC English exam in May,” the source said, adding that the student was eagerly looking forward to her re-entry into the classroom on Monday. (AH)

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