Sweet and stirring Sirrah! 

HighNote-2Divi Southwinds Beach Resort on St Lawrence Main Road in Christ Church was the place to be last Saturday. It was where scores of faithful gospel music fans turned out to embrace the Butterfly Experience that came with the concert and official launch of Sirrah’s debut album Butterfly.

Needless to say, it was all a beautiful affair as Sirrah graced the stage in an intimate setting, going through a musical metomorphosis that reflected her life’s journey as a songbird and social worker.

As the various album tracks flew from her lips like a butterfly in poetic motion, the appreciative gathering showed its love, cheerfully responding to every note and genre that filled the atmosphere around the drinks bar and nearby swimming pool inside the plush Divi Southwinds grounds. This was no ordinary concert and album launch.

I have either witnessed or was part of all of the major gospel music events in this country, and the elements that were interwoven on this occasion were rare. For example, there was a literal red carpet entrance and a butterfly photo wall where you could get your fashionable pictures captured for posterity. That is not all.

There was also a slow motion studio where you could be videotaped and you could watch yourself in slow motion afterwards on a big screen. Then patrons also became part of history by taking part in the “live” shooting of Sirrah’s music video for her hit song Love Me To Life –– all happening on stage at Divi.

Apart from the usual giveaways, being presented too to fans was the opportunity to make free downloads of the album by using their wristbands at a later date. All of Sirrah’s musical renditions, solo or collaborative, were charming, exciting, inspiring.  Patrons heard such tracks as I Love You, dedicated to this country’s jubilee year; Rescue Me (her first single); No Limit (featuring the former Ignyte); and Reassurance (featuring her husband Makonem); and a special set where she reunited with Larix and Nacovia who formed the now defunct vocal group Harmony.

That reunion was simply the best –– well apart from the rocking collab which she, Larix and Nacovia did with the award-winning United States-based Bajan duo A Few Good Men. The two brothers –– Rico and Ramon –– got some fantastic vocal backing from the three young women, mashing up the place with the boys’ original I Still Believe In Love. (Look out for a special update coming soon on what A Few Good Men are up to these days in their new country of residence.)

Back now to Sirrah. You might be wondering why I have not mentioned the title song of the album as it was performed last Saturday. Well, the song –– Butterfly –– got special treatment. A music video was shown of the song.

Sirrah in motion.
Sirrah in motion.

I must say that the overall sound on the night reflected a butterfly –– it was beautiful. Hats off to the in-demand producer extraordinaire David Thomas for an excellent job he has done in delivering a wonderful product for all the “buttlerflies” that attended the event.


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