Daughter wants justice for murdered dad

The daughter of a St Philip farmer killed in 2010 is baffled by the release of the man who had been held in connection with the death.

Michael Antonio Greenidge 54, of Lovell’s Road, Massiah Street, St John spent four years on remand at HMP Dodds awaiting trial for the murder of
George Clarke.

Greenidge was freed last week, six weeks after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) instructed the Commissioner of Police to discontinue the matter due to insufficient evidence.

However, Clarke’s daughter Melissa who lives abroad is angry that “nobody told us anything” and the accused “was just let go after four years in jail”.

The late George Clarke with daughters Melissa Clarke (left), Nykisha Clarke (with hat), and Marsha Clarke in happier times.
The late George Clarke with daughters Melissa Clarke (left), Nykisha Clarke (with hat), and Marsha Clarke in happier times.

Melissa told Barbados TODAY she had tried unsuccessfully to reach DPP Charles Leacock for an explanation and justice for her father.

“Can a man just be let out of jail after four years?  Is that how the justice system works in Barbados? My father is dead, murdered,” an upset Clarke said.

“They say they don’t have enough evidence, but my father is dead . . . is that the end of the matter, just so? Where is the justice? Nobody called us and told us what was going on.”

When contacted, the DPP suggested that the family should be in touch with their lawyer in Barbados for an explanation.

However, he said Greenidge was set free after it emerged at a bail hearing that there was insufficient evidence against him. He added that the matter was closed.

“That’s the end. He is free,” Leacock stressed.

However, Melissa said she was bewildered by the reason given for setting Greenidge free, contending that there was sufficient evidence for a case against the accused.

She also questioned why the police waited an entire year before arresting Greenidge.

“I am confused as to why there is a lack of evidence because my dad’s blood was found all over the man [Greenidge] and they waited a year to arrest him,” she told Barbados TODAY late this evening.

Greenidge and Clarke reportedly had an altercation at Clarke’s St Philip farm. Clarke died almost a year afterwards while he was overseas.

The freed Greenidge has maintained that he did not murder Clarke, who he said was his friend. In fact, he said when he discovered Clarke in distress he sought assistance for the farmer.

Soon after his release from HMP Dodds where he had been held on remand since 2012, Greenidge said he planned to sue the Office of the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police for unlawful incarceration, loss of amenities and
false imprisonment.

The lawsuit stems from the additional 44 days he spent in prison after the DPP’s office ordered the dismissal of the case.

His lawyer Arthur Holder was reported as calling for changes to the country’s criminal justice system in order to prevent innocent people from being jailed, particularly for capital crimes.

Holder was also quoted as saying that the legal system was “broken” and contending that had things been done properly Greenidge would not have spent four years on remand for a crime he did not commit.   


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