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Off to Drug Court

COURT TODAY BLOCKA repeat drug offender will have to attend the Drug Court to curb her unhealthy and illegal habit.

That was the sentence handed down to 51-year-old Karen Haynes after she pleaded guilty in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court to unlawful possession of apparatus for use of cocaine.

Haynes failed in her attempt to convince Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that the bottle which police found hidden in her bust was not hers and that she had only minutes ago found it. She also said she had only stashed it in her breasts after police banged on the door of the house she was at for fear of being arrested.

But in pointing to similar antecedents, the magistrate told her that she obviously had a drub problem and that she needed help.

“I hope when you went to court the last time you didn’t tell the magistrate that story,” Cuffy-Sargeant told her.

Sergeant Neville Reid had earlier told the court that police executed a warrant at the residence of David Hall in Alkins Gap, St Michael.

Haynes was present and police observed her acting in a suspicious manner.

She consented to a search and police found two metal scrapers and a small bottle with black residue in her bust.

When asked to account for the items she said, “I don’t know how metal scrapers get in my bag. When I heard the police I took the bottle and put it in my breast.”

She was subsequently arrested and charged.

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