Cain caught with knife

COURT TODAY BLOCKHaving been the victim of a robbery, Victor Dwayne Cain decided to arm himself with a knife for protection.

However, that proved to be a costly mistake after he was apprehended by police with the weapon.

Today, when he appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court, Cain pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon without lawful authority.

The 33-year-old resident of Ruby, St Philip, will have one month to pay a $700 fine. Failure to do so will result in him spending 12 months in prison.

In revealing the facts, police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Reid said police were on patrol in Nelson Street, The City when they saw Cain.

He looked in their direction and ran off and police officers gave pursuit.

While running, police saw him pull a knife from his waist and throw it into a garbage can.

He was eventually chased down and apprehended. The officers then took him back to the area where he disposed of the knife and asked him to account for it.

“This is to defend myself because I get rob already,” Cain told the police.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

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