Man gets 12 months for escaping custody

COURT TODAY BLOCKSimon Gabriel, an unemployed man with no fixed address, was sentenced to 18 months in jail late last year by the Oistins Magistrates Court for four offences.

That being the case, Gabriel said he did not want three other matters ‘hanging over his head’ when he went before acting Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch yesterday.

He therefore pleaded guilty to unlawfully escaping legal custody without force last November 28, assaulting Sergeant Wendell Greenidge and resisting arrest on the same date.

Gabriel, 39, appeared in the District ‘C’ Magistrates Court.

According to Sergeant Azel Skeete, on that date Gabriel was at the Oistins Police Station being questioned in relation to certain matters.

The suspect was asked to sit on a bench near the front of the office but Gabriel escaped while officers were distracted. He was held later by Sergeant Greenidge but struggled during his arrest.

Asked by the Acting Chief Magistrate why he escaped from the station, Gabriel said he was being interrogated and he was scared. He recounted that a policeman there was loading a gun and pointing it in his direction, all the while telling him that he was “hard ears” and “wouldn’t hear”.

“I was scared, Your Honour, and I run,” he said.

Birch sentenced Gabriel to 12 months to run concurrently to the one he is already serving. The repeat offender was further convicted, reprimanded and discharged on the assault offence and reprimanded and discharged for resisting the officer.

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