Deadly smoke

Give graphic reminder that smoking kills – Xuereb

If regional health official Dr Godfrey Xuereb had his way graphic warnings of the dangers of smoking would be displayed prominently on tobacco packaging.

The Caribbean Programme Coordinator at the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) this morning said that tobacco was deadly, hence the reason the global health organization and the Caribbean Community had recommended that countries legislate the placing of visual warnings on tobacco packaging so consumers would know they were buying a product that kills.

Dr Xuereb told participants at the opening of the Week of Excellence Seminar on Developing a National Policy on Wellness at Solidarity House these warnings were a deterrent to teenagers and those who wanted to begin smoking.

He called on educators and trade unions to pressure Government to enact legislation making it mandatory to place these warnings on cigarette boxes, and stressed the need for a ban on the sale of loose cigarettes.

“This deterrent is ineffective as children and adolescents are able to buy cigarettes in singles. I am not saying that this practice exists in Barbados, but we must ensure that this does not happen,” he said.

The PAHO official called for increased taxes on cigarettes as yet another deterrent to tobacco use by children and adolescents; and smoke-free work places to help reduce the threat of second and third hand smoke.

“I congratulate the tourism industry for being firm on this and enduring that we have smoke-free hotels which not only protects all their clients from second hand smoke but also all the employees from second and third hand smoke as they are the ones who handle linen, curtains [and] towels, which are all potential carriers of third hand tobacco harmful substances,” he explained.

He said while many may not see tobacco use as a problem in the Caribbean because of regulations that prohibit smoking indoors, data acquired by PAHO and WHO showed an increase in tobacco use by young persons, especially females.

3 Responses to Deadly smoke

  1. Vernon Chandler February 24, 2016 at 7:06 am

    Ok. This is 2016. Everybody already know the dangers of smoking. The warnings are already everywhere since like 50 years ago. People smoke simply because they want to, warnings or no warnings.

  2. dave February 24, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Yes People smoke because they want to smoke and you cannot tell them anything. if they want to stop , they would seek to stop but they have been led astray by Society, a society that says do certain things or you are not with it. People need to say to Society –Frig You Society , I am my own Person. Drinking Rum / Alcohol in excessive amounts; smoking stupid cigarettes; Un-protected and casual sex ; Cursing unnecessarily; Wukking Up to the point of Vulgarity; Over-eating especially Junk Food ; Not Exercising ; – are all things encouraged by Society that we need to say NO. BE STRONG -young people . Do not follow a multitude to do evil. Be yourself and it does not feel right , do not do it. You know when you are doing wrong. Just do the Right Thing !!

  3. Richard Johnston February 24, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Ironically the presence of warnings on cigarette packs helps the tobacco companies in civil suits because they adopt the “assumed risk” defense: she/he knew better and decided to engage in self-destructive behavior anyway. The only way to get results is to put graphic images of cancerous organs on the packs the way Australia has done, and Caribbean countries don’t have the guts to confront big ‘backy that effectively.


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