Focus on solutions – Kellman

Member of Parliament for St Lucy Denis Kellman wants Barbadians to focus on solutions instead of the challenges facing the country.

The outspoken MP issued the call during a branch meeting at his constituency office in Pie Corner, St Lucy last evening, saying: “I am not interested in talking about what is wrong, I am interested in finding a solution to the problem. [And] I believe that if we find more people in Barbados devoting their energy to converting negatives into positives, this small country will continue to be sweet”.

Zeroing in on the recent water outages which he described as a “major headache”, the Minister of Housing told party supporters that he had personally made several recommendations to officials of the Barbados Water Authority on how to deal with this particular problem.

“Don’t mind that there are people complaining [about water outages], we are widely living in a heaven on earth, because the truth is while we are here bellyaching, people in the United States are complaining about lead poisoning from water [and] people in Jamaica cannot get water etcetera,” Kellman said.

In the meantime, Kellman reported that infrastructural work was “progressing quite smoothly” on several roads, including Josey Hill.

However, he called on constituents to be patient with Government as tries it to fulfill promises of an improved bus service to parts of St Lucy.

“Yes, there will be some people who would complain . . . but they also have to understand that there [needs to be] a balance. The balance is that everybody should have accessibility to transportation to their homes and that is what we are seeking to do,” he told the meeting.

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  1. Sherene Drakes-Seales
    Sherene Drakes-Seales February 23, 2016 at 4:34 am

    Wait boh!!! Kellman get very ugly over night!!!

  2. Tony Webster February 23, 2016 at 6:33 am

    Mr. Kellman. You late to de party. The worm has turned. Worms gine eat yah. Read today’s BT for the results of the poll.

    You guys have been talking, promising, talking, mekking excuses, mekking sport. Living out hey…is no joke, Sir. You gine get the muthuh of all back-raises , Sir.

    We sick, sick, sick of wunnah, Sir. The truth, is that even those few in cabinet, who yet retain some pride, and purpose, and indeed some valuable effect , in how they perform dem ministerial duties and responsibilities, gine go the way of all Thursduh bretheren.

    This administration is destined to be a footnote to our political-economic history. A small, sad footnote.

    Save your breath Sir, and look to your own house-hold.

  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine February 23, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Dennis Kellman, you were never given a ministry for reasons we can only assume were personal. Now that you have been given a ministry, the reasons for you not having one for so long has proven all assumptions to be true. You are just a noise maker. Your administration made it abundantly clear that this is your time; that you will be doing things your way; and that listening to the voices of reason, pleas, urges etc is to be met with contemptuous displays of arrogance and bombastic, childish, whimsical pettiness and disdain. Your administration continued in what can only be described as political bullying in the practice of tyrannous reign. Yet here you are asking for solutions, ideas, alternatives in the face problems created by poor policy and ears that refused to listen. Even now, your administration is adamant that Cahill is the best thing for us, without a public referendum, and that republic status can be better served and better managed, without a referendum and that an independence celebration is far greater than using what money is paid for this event in buying a few more trucks to help with our community miniaturized mount stinkeroos. You honestly believe that you can convince anyone that your administration, including yourself, knows what it is doing? Even to strengthen your point, you use the wickedness of a US state government and water officials cover up of water contamination and compare it with the water woes of Barbados, that are suffering from a lack of proactive planning and development. This just shows the level that you are willing to stoop too in order to support or strengthen your weak position.

  4. Sue Donym February 23, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    How will solutions be arrived at if one does not identify and assess the problems?
    Did the politicians (all) not come to the electorate to hear and/or confirm what the problems are and promise to find and implement the solutions?
    “Don’t mind that there are people complaining… in a heaven” Mr Kellman, the fact that other people in other jurisdictions have other problems does not make it any easier to cook, shower or wash when one has no water.
    So what of your ministerial committees, constituency councils and various paid entities? We can’t be expected to hire and pay the ‘help’ and then do the job, too. Stop blowing hot air and get to work.


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