BRA settlement likely soon

The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is expecting a settlement to its long-standing impasse with the state-owned Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) by the end of this month.

NUPW General Secretary Roslyn Smith told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that she was hopeful of an agreement since fresh arrangements on terms and conditions and pensions must be finalized by the end of this month.

The two-year secondment of Government workers to BRA will also expire next month.

“We have submitted a letter to the director and we are saying to them that, given the fact that the two years secondment will end next month, that we would expect a resolution to the terms and conditions by the end of this month,” Smith said.

“If the matters are not resolved, we would have persons who, obviously be putting a burden on the public service to go back into Central Government,” she added.

The union leader said this would not be an ideal situation since it would place more public service jobs at risk.

“We would not want a situation like that because of the numbers that would cause persons then to be laid off. So we trying to have the matter resolved as amicably and as practicably as possible,” she said, adding that the only matter requiring fast tracking would be an amendment to the pension arrangements.

“That is the key to persons opting to remain. If that is not resolved, then that is where we would have to look at a different approach.”

An internal BRA report, a copy of which had been obtained by Barbados TODAY, included a number of frequently asked questions about the transition process.

It said officers currently appointed at the Customs and Excise Department would be transitioned to the BRA on secondment for a period of up to two years as long as there were no adverse reports on the officers and would be offered positions similar to their substantive posts.

In the case of persons acting, they would be offered positions at the acting level as long as the substantive holder of the post did not accept an offer to transition to the BRA.

The BRA is seeking a staff complement of 279 compared to the current positions based on the March 2015 pay sheet of the Central Government. (EJ)

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