Weekes still waiting on Jones

Nearly a week after a “very cordial” meeting to resolve a dispute surrounding a 14-year-old student, the matter remains hanging with no signs of a resolution.

Elicia Weekes, the mother of the pupil at the centre of the wrapper controversy at Springer Memorial School, along with her lawyer Steve Straughn and child advocate Shelley Ross met last Friday with Minister of Education Ronald Jones on the future the child’s education.

From left, Elecia Weekes, child advocate Shelley Ross and Weekes’ lawyer Steve Straughn.
From left, Elecia Weekes, child advocate Shelley Ross and Weekes’ lawyer Steve Straughn.

Following two hours of talks Straughn reported that they had agreed to work in the girl’s best interest and structures were being put in place to ensure her return to school.

The teen has not attended classes for nine weeks, and this afternoon her mother said there had been no word from the Ministry of Education since last week’s meeting.

“I am upset but all I can do now is wait. Of course I am not pleased at all. How can any mother be pleased at all? Remember the Minister is not on the island, so for right now it is a matter of waiting,” Weekes told Barbados TODAY this afternoon.

There have been suggestions of a number of schools in St Michael to which the fourth form student could be transferred. However, Weekes has denied that any such proposals were made during last Friday’s meeting.

In a recent post on Barbados TODAY’s Facebook page, Ross appeared to indicate that the parent had requested that her daughter be transferred to one of two schools.

“There has been lots of comments about transferring her to a school other than Ellerslie. We would accept The St Michael School or even Foundation, to which the answer was that she did not get the marks for either school in the Common Entrance,” Ross stated in the post.

“However Springer Memorial transferred a child to Queen’s College who did not get the marks for QC – but ask the question – who is her father?”

The student was suspended for refusing to pick up a wrapper after she was ordered to do so by a teacher and the principal.

At the end of her suspension she was kept away from class and put to sit on a bench as punishment for continuing to refuse to pick up litter, her mother claimed.

Prior to last week’s meeting, Weekes refused transfers to Daryl Jordan Secondary School and Elerslie Secondary School, citing personal reasons.

Though he did not make direct reference to the matter, Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave’s comments yesterday to St Elizabeth Primary School students suggested that he was not in agreement with the teenager.

Delivering remarks during the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Sir Elliott advised the students to respect themselves and their teachers and to love their school.

“You should obey reasonable orders. Do not say, ‘my mother didn’t send me to school to pick up this or that’.

“Young ladies, do not try to become adults before you are adults. I want you all to make the best of your school days. You cannot expect to make any serious advancements in life without a good education. Set goals and achieve them by laudable means,” the Governor General added. (AH)

7 Responses to Weekes still waiting on Jones

  1. Angela Maria
    Angela Maria February 19, 2016 at 5:23 am

    But…..in fact….lemmie hush.

  2. Pippa February 19, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Was she, in fact, punished twice?

  3. Sue Donym February 19, 2016 at 10:40 am

    This is madness, now.

    So many times we’ve heard that business wasn’t completed because some officer was away or ill. Now tell me, does anyone think that if Ronald Jones got a message that he had won $1million and all he had to do was video conference for a few minutes or e-mail a confirmation response, ANYTHING would keep him from getting it done?

    If this was a cabinet colleague’s child, a solution would have been found. If this child had lawyer parents, this would have been resolved. This would not happen to a US diplomat’s child. End this madness!

  4. Shelly Ross February 19, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Some what mis leading, but hey, the media has nothing new from any of us and they are looking for something to report.

  5. John February 19, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    This is liken to a man ” said to have” run a red light, and after delayed discussion with authorities he is now paying the price associated with treason.

  6. Trina February 19, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    This whole dispute just goes to show how our society is going down hill fast there are no more values taught in the home bad behavior is rewarded and children have no respect. This CHILD was ask to do something she found distasteful by a TEACHER it was not sexual to pick up a wrapper and throw in a bin. Taking up litter is a FORM OF PUNISHMENT at this school.She refuse was sent to higher authority and again refuse in a way as she describe it in a paper rude. All of the people that say she standing up for her rights what right was she standing up for.Also people bring up colour of skin if she was at one of the older secondary schools she would have pick it up even if she afterward let her distaste be know at any of the private school this type of behavior is not condone and you are paying the school so don’t try to make this a colour issue. She was rude insubordinate and disrespectful of authority if at 14 she is conducting herself as such how will she get on in the workforce as an adult
    Also Ms Weekes what is it you really want because you said that you believe moving your daughter to Ellerise was a disadvantage to her because it lack a 6th form but out right refuse Darryl Jordan Secondary which has a great upper 5th program that children form some of the older secondary schools apply to and go to

  7. sorry February 19, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    What kind of weapon was it OK a sweet paper rapper.. This is real madness..I seeing only children in this case..something needs to be done..just so turned into a fire ball..wishing the best in this case.


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