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Not satisfied

CDEMA boss unhappy with climate change efforts

The head of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) is not satisfied with the efforts of Caribbean governments to tackle climate change and disaster management.

CDEMA’s Executive Director Ronald Jackson

CDEMA’s Executive Director Ronald Jackson

Neither is CDEMA’s Executive Director Ronald Jackson satisfied with the efforts of Caribbean people.

Speaking during a press conference hosted by the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) at the Savannah Hotel this afternoon, Jackson said while people continued to look to government to supply all the answers, Caribbean citizens also had a role to play in the region’s development.

“There has to be national investment by Caribbean governments and Caribbean people. It’s not only the governments. We like to always cast the spotlight on government, [but] as individuals we have a specific role to play and this is something we say over and over,” he noted.

“We talk about comprehensive disaster management which talks about the engagement of everybody, every sector in society, which is why the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology and CDEMA promote a wide cross sectorial action in these particular matters because each of us are required to take certain steps and certain actions.

“And as individuals we have a role, so when we talk about investment, we are not only talking about donors, we are not only talking about regional institutions, we are talking about governments and we are talking about people. That is the message that we want to send; that it requires intervention by all of us if we are going to be able to successfully manage the changing climate,” Jackson added.

He also admitted that he was not satisfied with the level of investment being made to help build “stronger systems” across the Caribbean.

“What we are not seeing is the equity in the two-pronged response that is required. To be able to respond effectively we have to invest then in systems . . .  but I’m not so convinced that nationally we are really investing equally in creating those systems,” he said.

One Response to Not satisfied

  1. Tony Webster February 18, 2016 at 6:19 am

    Yes sir…we ALL are talking, including you. Please be more specific: what exactly do you wish everyone else to do? Who is going to pick up the tab? I very much support CDEMA, and its work, but we (governments , home-owners , all) we all have to carefully prioritise before expending resources- and massive grant$ landing on our plate…are a rarity…not busines-as-usual!

    In order of priority: what to DO? Is your web-site adequately stocked with relevant advice to the public eg, making preparations etc? If so, every CDEMA press-release should give us a link to such advice. Please!


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