Maynard found guilty

Jury returns nine-three majority verdict

COURT TODAY BLOCKDeon DaCosta Maynard was today found guilty of unlawfully killing Arthur Chaderton and his son-in-law Gerhard Stock four years ago.

A jury of four males and eight females retired three times before finally returning a guilty verdict of manslaughter at 4.25 p.m. by a nine to three majority.

The jury retired first at 1.05 p.m. but could not reach a unanimous verdict of guilty of murder, the crime which Maynard was accused of.  They were later instructed by the trial judge, Justice Jacqueline Cornelius, to try to reach a unanimous verdict but if that were not possible, she could accept a majority verdict of manslaughter.

Maynard looked quite calm as the verdict was read while members of the Chaderton family paid rapt attention. However, there was not much of the emotion which they displayed throughout the trial, which saw some of them hugging, holding hands and at times crying over the past four weeks.

On August 2, 2011, two masked men entered the Chaderton residence at Salters, St George. Meta Stock, wife of Gerhard Stock, recalled being in the kitchen making a drink when her husband Gerhard called her. She entered the living room to see two men who were wearing masks and dark clothing. The bigger man was ahead and a smaller man was standing behind him.

Her children and mother, who were all in the living room with the men, were screaming and panicking.

She then ran downstairs to her father and spoke to him before running next door to her uncle’s house for help. While she was over there, she heard shots and by the time she returned, the men were no longer in the house. However, she was in time to see her father falling to the floor. Her husband told her to get help since both he and her father appeared injured.

Station Sergeant Vernon Farrell said that Maynard gave a statement in which he outlined that he and another man X, drove together to a nearby Chefette branch on that fateful night. The other man had planned to rob the restaurant but when they got there, the other man got out of the car but soon re-entered, telling Maynard they were leaving the area. As they left, they noticed a house which was open and X told Maynard, who was driving a red Mazda at the time, to turn around. Maynard did so and X also told him where to park his car.

While still in the vehicle, X handed him a black ski hat. X then took a razor which Maynard had in his car and cut out two holes in the hat so Maynard could see through them. The accused then used his fingers to make the holes bigger. X had a gun at the time and the two then made their way through some bushes on to the Chaderton property.

That statement also included a remark by Maynard about how “God tried to save me from this destruction”. Once was when his shirt got hooked by a bush and the second time was when he sprained his ankle after jumping over a wall.

He also recounted screaming children and a bald white man inside the house who seemed very concerned about the children. However, that man was soon manoeuvred into another room by X. He heard X ask that man for money and it was soon after when he heard about five shots in quick succession, that he ran out of the house. Both men then escaped in his car.

Justice Cornelius ordered a pre-sentencing report on Maynard who returns to court later.

Principal Crown Counsel Anthony Blackman prosecuted while Maynard conducted his own defence.

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