Oil leak at Bridgetown Port contained

Officials of Barbados Port Inc. are reporting that a leak in the bunker pipeline from the Bridgetown Port to the Sol Petroleum Holborn facility was the source of oil in the water.

The leak was discovered earlier today during excavation work following reports of oil in the area of Shed Four at the Bridgetown Port yesterday.

“We are very pleased with the swift action of all the agencies which has ensured that the impact of the bunker lead has been negligible.  We were able to contain the oil with in the area of the leak and work is in progress to fix the pipeline,” Harbour Master Richard Alleyne said in a press statement.

Excavation work at Bridgetown Port


Alleyne stated that the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan was activated and measures were put in place to contain the spill and to prevent the ships in port from having oil attached to their hulls.

Several agencies also assisted in the operation, including Sol, the Environmental Protection Department, the Barbados Coast Guard and Barbados Port Inc.

Alleyne said there were no immediate threats to the beaches in the surrounding areas.

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