Where’s the love?

Valentine’s business slow in Bridgetown

With just two days to go before Valentine’s Day, businesses in The City are still holding out hope for some love from patrons as they head into the weekend.

Keisha Carmichael deciding on the perfect teddybear for her loved one.
Keisha Carmichael deciding on the perfect teddybear for her loved one.

When a Barbados TODAY team visited The City today, store owners were getting their Valentine’s specials ready, putting out the traditional chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears, awaiting the crowds that never came. A few people trickled in but left without buying anything.   

However, hope springs eternal at Cave Shepherd where Communications Specialist Mark Anthony expect sales to pick up tomorrow.

“We find that business is pretty much comparable to last Valentine’s. We would find that business would pretty much pick up tomorrow since Valentine’s is on Sunday,” Anthony said.

At Nikkos Creations volunteer Gayle Ishmael has been observing customers. This year they have been moving away from tradition, she noticed. Yet, she said, business had been slow.

“From what I am observing at a distance people are looking for a variety of gifts. It’s not just the typical flowers anymore; they are looking for baskets with a combination of things.

“We have had a slow period for the last two days but I think since we are concentrating on flowers and fruit baskets it’s not likely that people will shop heavily until later today and tomorrow,” she predicted.

Back at Cave Shepherd, a young man has set up a booth from which he put his baking skills to good use.

Dominick Jones was selling cupcakes and cookies and he told Barbados TODAY things had been going well. So well that he planned to stay until everything was sold out.

“It has been going OK for now but I think things will pick up tomorrow.”

At Swan Street Keann Walters was trying to attract sales. Things have not been going well but she was optimistic that business would improve, her optimism based on the fact that it was the weekend and the questions that people had been asking.

Keann Walters putting the finishing touches to a gift basket.
Keann Walters putting the finishing touches to a gift basket.

“I recognize that when Valentine’s [Day] falls on a weekend it’s much better. Sales were going steadily two days before Valentine’s and I expect sales to increase between today and tomorrow, so I’m not complaining. “We have been having a lot of enquires from passers-by; there is a definite buzz about Valentine’s,” said Walters.

However, not everyone was hopeful. Marc Adamson also operates from Swan Street. Like Walters, he has not been doing much business, However, unlike Walters, he does not expect things to get any better.

“Things are extremely slow for this Valentine’s but it is keeping in line with the general economic financial situation in Barbados right now. A lot of people are still into it but I think they are waiting until the very last minute because of the financial situations,” Adamson said.


4 Responses to Where’s the love?

  1. Anthony Michael Hinds
    Anthony Michael Hinds February 13, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    the love is there,,, the money isn’t though.

  2. Coralita February 13, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    No one has to buy me any of these dust collectors to prove their love for me.

  3. Maria Leclair
    Maria Leclair February 13, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Love is in the air!

  4. maxjustina February 14, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Every day must be lived as one of giving and receiving pure love from the heart. If we make a conscious effort to generate love in our hearts, we would not be so quick to become aggressive at simple mistakes of others; we would understand and accept that our plans of evil against those who differ from us will return to us sooner of later; we will see the act of sex as an expression of that love and not as a pawn when poorer persons need help; we will not envy and try to destroy persons who are living out their destiny assigned by Yahweh; we will go to the kingdom of darkness to fire arrows at innocent and genuine persons simply because they refuse to allow themselves to be caught in your traps to accept your money and hate women in general because of your misjudgement of those whom you had chosen to marry on more than one occasion. Love is pure and can be deeply expressed outside of the giving of tangible gifts, which in many cases, is just an empty act.


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