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Respect yourselves, GG tells students

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave this morning advised pupils of the St Lawrence Primary School to respect themselves and their teachers, and to concentrate on obtaining
a solid education.

The acrostic Sir Elliott.

The acrostic Sir Elliott.

“Respect yourselves, your teachers and your school. Students here should respect their teachers by being obedient. Be compliant and follow reasonable direction given by your teachers . . . while knowing that their have the responsibility to take care of you.”

In keeping with the theme Come, Celebrate Barbados, the Head of State encouraged students to be patriotic and to become familiar with the national symbols, especially as the country is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.

“You should also love your country. That is to be patriotic. This is the year of our 50th anniversary. You should know the National Anthem –– both verses, and sing them lustily when the occasions arise.”

Sir Elliott also advised the students to avoid the use of drugs and obscene language, and to refrain from bringing weapons to school and avoid bad company, which can lead them astray.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave intereacting with six-year-old Kavitesi Hatege Kimana in the presence of MP for Christ Shurch South John Boyce.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave intereacting with six-year-old Kavitesi Hatege Kimana in the presence of MP for Christ Shurch South John Boyce.

“Concentrate on obtaining a solid education; that is what school is about. You cannot simply expect to make any meaningful advancement in life without first obtaining a good and solid education.”

The Governor General affirmed that the purpose of his visits to primary schools across the island was to motivate teachers and children to improve their level of performance, reaching towards excellence –– which he said was much needed by the children of Barbados, so they would see that being born to parents who aren’t wealthy does not mean they cannot succeed.

Sir Elliott also lauded the entertainment package that came in the form of an acrostic spelling out his name, an African dance entitled We Pay Respect, and a favourite song of his –– The Ash Grove. He told the students he first learnt the song as a pupil of Boscobel Primary School –– about this sailor who fell in love with a woman who died, leaving him to mourn.

St Lawrence Primary principal Glora Bryan, in her brief remarks, stated the Governor General’s visit was much anticipated, a “precious moment”, and that pupils and teachers alike were humble having the Head of State among them.

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