Wife testifies

COURT TODAY BLOCKGwenda Chaderton lost her husband and son-in-law on August 2, 2011, after both men were shot at her Salter’s, St George home.

Today, an emotional Chaderton told the Court that she was at the computer at home when two men entered the house wearing masks and dressed in dark clothing. One of them demanded money.

Chaderton was giving evidence in the double-murder trial of Deon DaCosta Maynard, which continued in the No. 5 Supreme Court today.

Maynard, 41, is accused of murdering Arthur Frederick Chaderton and his
son-in-law Gerhard Stock. Stock, his wife and three children were vacationing in Barbados at the time.

Justice Jacqueline Cornelius is presiding over the matter. Principal Crown Counsel Anthony Blackman is representing the Crown while Maynard is conducting his own defence.

 The elderly women recalled hearing someone telling the children to go into the kitchen. It was there that she found her grandchildren sitting between the stove and the freezer and screaming.

As she tried to calm them down, Chaderton said, one of the men came into the kitchen with a knife, which she had left on a table, and threatened to stab someone if the children did not stop screaming.

Asked by Principal Crown Counsel Anthony Blackman whether she knew either of the men who entered her home, the witness said she could not identify anyone  because they were wearing masks.

Questioned about the whereabouts of her husband on the night in question, the witness said he was downstairs at first. She later saw him running and the last time she saw him, he was lying on the floor.

Under cross-examination by Maynard, the witness said she could not recall anyone pulling chairs for either her or her children to sit in while they were in the kitchen. She remembered standing throughout the entire ordeal.

Sergeant Derek Griffith also testified today. He said he was present when accused Deon Maynard made certain oral statements to Acting Station Sergeant Vernon Farrell on August 31, 2011, which the officers recorded in their notebooks. He was also there when Maynard dictated a statement about the incident to Farrell.

Griffith said the accused initialled officer Farrell’s notebook after he was invited to do so and signed the written statement in his (Griffith’s) presence.

The Crown is expected to call its final witness tomorrow when the case continues.

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