Drug offender appeals for help

COURT TODAY BLOCKA man who appeared in court today on six charges begged Magistrate Douglas Frederick for help with his drug addiction.

In the end, Brian Chuki Marville was remanded to prison after Sergeant Martin Rock objected strenuously to his bail and the accused himself offered little objection.

However, he did ask to be placed somewhere within the prison where he would be safe and “not go up there and fight”, which he said could happen, “if yuh look at a fella too hard”.

Marville, of 5A Madison Terrace, Deacons Farm, St Michael is facing one count each of resisting and assaulting constables Veronica Carrington and Justin Henry on February 9.

The 22-year-old is further charged with having cannabis on that same date and unlawfully wounding Dave Husbands with intent to maim, disfigure or disable him on February 5.

The prosecutor’s basis for objecting to Marville’s bail was that the accused was already on bail from two courts, a warrant of arrest had been issued for him for non-appearance from the same District ‘A’ Magistrates Court and under those circumstances he feared the accused might not turn up for court if granted bail.

Rock added that the protection of society needed to be considered, as well as Marville’s prior convictions.

When Marville was given the opportunity to address the court, he used it to appeal for help.

“Right now everything happening with me Sir. I smoking a lot of drugs; a lot of cocaine. I don’t know wuh wrong wid me but I doing things I wouldn’t normally do . . . I taking up things from home,” Marville said.

“I ain’t only saying I want help now ‘cause I come court, I did want help from the beginning. I went Jenkins [mental hospital] fuh help and they tell me I got to come back,” he said, explaining that they did not have any space at the time.

“Sometimes I don’t even know wuh I does be doing,” he said.

Magistrate Frederick remanded Marville to prison until March 9, adding that anyone who did not know what he was doing, was indeed a threat to society.

One Response to Drug offender appeals for help

  1. Alex Alleyne February 11, 2016 at 9:55 am

    “I went JENKINS fuh help and they tell me I got to come back , because there was no space”. (Youth reaching out for help.)
    This is just the beginning of things to come in Barbados who is embracing a serious DRUG CULTURE.
    Our YOUTH will fall victim to such ills . It is very disturbing to see some young Men and Women will never really know what living is all about.


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