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Senior officer testifies in murder case

COURT TODAY BLOCKActing Superintendent of Police David Griffith took the witness stand today when the double murder trial of Deon DaCosta Maynard continued in the No.5 Supreme Court.

Maynard, 41, is accused of murdering Arthur Frederick Chaderton and his son-in-law Gerhard Stock on August 2, 2011. Both men died after being shot at Chaderton’s Salters, St. George home. Stock, his wife and three children were vacationing in Barbados at the time.

Justice Jacqueline Cornelius is presiding over the trial in which Maynard is conducting his
own defence.

Questioned by Principal Crown Counsel Anthony Blackman, Griffith said he was the one who charged Maynard. His reasons for doing so were that by September 5, 2011, he had knowledge that Maynard had been to the Chaderton house days before and had apologized in front of members of the family for the role he played in the incident on August 2.   

“I was satisfied that accused Maynard not only visited the Chaderton home on August 2 but he fully participated in the commission of the crime. From my experience, the offence of murder was fully made out,” Griffith said, explaining why he charged Maynard with the offence.

The senior police officer further testified that he was aware that Sergeant Vernon Farrell had taken Maynard to the Chaderton residence at Salters, St. George sometime during the investigation, as well as to Wavell Avenue, Black Rock, St Michael where Maynard pointed
out a car.

The sergeant also took a statement from accused Maynard, thewitness said.

Under cross-examination by Maynard, Griffith said he recalled both August 31 and September 1, 2011.

“Where would you have been at 10:05 to 10:07 a.m.?” Maynard asked.

Griffith recalled being at the Chaderton home at 10:07 a.m. on September 1.

“Did you see me there at that time?” Maynard continued.

“No Mam,” Griffith said, adding that he never saw Maynard at the Chaderton house on that date at all.

Maynard also questioned Griffith as to whether the police offered “rations” to witnesses or suspects. Griffith said the “responsibility is to suspects.”

Questioned further, the lawman said Keishe Reece – Maynard’s ex-girlfriend – “was never a suspect”.

The trial continues tomorrow at 9 a.m. when other police officers are expected to testify.

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