Two remanded after stabbing each other

COURT TODAY BLOCKTwo men who stabbed each other appeared today in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court before Magistrate Douglas Frederick charged with the same offence. Each with a bandaged left temple pleaded guilty.

David Ricardo Phillips, 49, of Chimborazo, St Joseph and Gregory Antwine Lavine, 53, of Lyons Street, Nelson Street, St Michael, both admitted to a joint charge of causing a disturbance at Oxley Street, The City on Wednesday.

According to the police facts, Phillips and Lavine frequent the Nelson Street area. Lavine sells loose cigarettes and tobacco from a bottle in the vicinity, while Phillips, who is a cocaine user, hangs out in the area.

On February 3, Lavine was sitting by the St Ambrose Community Centre where children were nearby waiting to be served breakfast. From where Lavine was, he saw Phillips with a cocaine pipe.

Believing him to be about to smoke crack, Lavine went over to Phillips to prevent him from doing so with children around. He told Phillips to move and carry his behaviour elsewhere.

When Phillips refused to move, Lavine grabbed him by his shirt, cuffed him in the face and pulled him away from the church. The two men began fighting until they parted on their own.

Thereafter, Lavine returned to his seat by the community centre while Phillips left the area. Ten to 15 minutes later, a friend alerted Lavine that Phillips was returning towards him with folded hands.     

However, by the time Lavine looked around, Phillips was already upon him. He swung a broken bottle at Lavine and it caught him in the left temple. In turn, Lavine took out a pair of scissors he was carrying in his bottle and stabbed Phillips in his left temple.

  Phillips told the court that Lavine had sold him the cocaine. Lavine said he had instructions from the priest to move Phillips from off the community centre’s step.

Both men were remanded to HMP Dodds until March 4 when they will be sentenced.

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  1. jrsmith February 6, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Time severed , a good talking to, and putting them both on probation for 6 months…


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