So much in a name!

todays vendorI guess I don’t live in Bubbadus ’cause I didn’t know ’bout a lady of the night named Muscle Katt. Thanks to my nephew from New York and he wife, I learn a lot last week when dem
was visiting.

Apparently dis sex worker got she own website, plus Twitter and Facebook. She got nearly 4,000 followers and over 3,000 likes. I can’t help wondering if de likes is from satisfied customers!

An assumed name like a singer’s or DJ’s is usually chosen to reflect who de person is, what dem stand for. Fuh example, in my current kennel of dogs, I got some whose names should tell yuh something ’bout them. Chavez –– a big monster Neopolitan; two Rotweilers –– Clinton and Trump, female and male; and in de past I had Yasser, Lewinsky, Bussa and Gaddafi. And in each case, de names does say something ’bout de personality of de animal.

So I was just wondering what exactly does de name Muscle Katt say bout dis sex worker? Is she very muscular or does she move like a cat? Was she always known as Muscle Katt? And at what stage did she proudly assume dis name?

How exactly dis de name come about? Did somebody one day say, ‘Girl, from now on I calling you Muscle Katt’?

Further, why do nearly 4,000 people follow dis person, what exactly do they get from Muscle Katt that makes their day or night? Do they know her personally and get together from time to time fuh drinks and discuss stuff, business? Do they use her services? De mind boggles!

Thanks, Adam and Nathalia fuh de education. But it got me to thinking ’bout how female names does get onto products and why, fuh example, is a carousel called a Lazy Susan. Who was Susan and was she some lazy worker?

Angry Annie’s was a restaurant in Bubbadus. Not sure I wanted an angry person mekking my dinner. And then there is Auntie Anne’s in de malls in Amurca.

Shirley Biscuits have always been tasty. Who exactly was Shirley dat she get biscuits named after her? And why did some mixologist name a drink after Mary as Bloody Mary?

Even in de world of cars, women dominate. Mercedes was de name of de daughter of one of de inventors of the Mercedes-Benz cars. She must have been very special!

A name must be special. Mangoes, fuh example, are my favourite tropical fruit, and de sweetest one is named after a special lady –– Julie. Who could disagree dat
a Julie is a sweet mango? Everybody wants to eat Julie mango.

I wonder if we would feel de same if de mango was called Victor mango. Well, maybe de ladies; but surely not de guys!

Years ago I get introduce to Diana, and de effect was immediate and lasting. I voice de advertisements fuh dis dinner mint and was never without a Diana. Sadly I lost dat wuk and never see a Diana mint until recently!

De Diana is special, bursting with freshness and melting slowly in yuh mout. Once yuh have a Diana, yuh will never want another.

On de other hand, I can’t say I am attracted to Charles chocolates; but maybe de ladies are!

Most men wouldn’t mind eating a Rocky or even sharing Jacob’s biscuits.

The queen of cooking must be a lady named named Betty Crocker. Every kitchen use to have Betty on standby; ready fuh action whenever you are; always willing
to please –– our Betty.

And right behind she, another too sweet lady, famous fuh she pancakes and syrub –– Aunt Jemima. Tell me yuh never ever had Betty or Jemima. Every fella must be eat Betty or Jemima in dey lifetime.

But when it come to freshness, yuh know there is only one mint fuh De Vendor; one dat gine linger fuh a long time: de Diana mint!

Interesting how dem come up wid dese names. A case of life and art mirroring
each other?

I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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