Woman, sons testify in double-murder trial

COURT TODAY BLOCKA woman who tragically lost her husband and father during the same incident on August 2, 2011, testified today about the ordeal before the No. 5 Supreme Court.

Meta Marcia Stock was a witness in the double-murder trial of Deon DaCosta Maynard, 41, who is accused of murdering Arthur Chadderton and his son-in-law Gerhard Stock on that date.

Both men were allegedly shot while at Chadderton’s home in Salters, St. George.

Stock recalled being in the kitchen making a drink when her husband called her. Upon entering the living room, she saw two men who were wearing masks and dark clothing. A bigger man was ahead and a smaller man was standing behind him.

Meanwhile, her children and mother, who were all in the living room with the men, began screaming and panicking. She then ran downstairs to her father and spoke to him before running next door to her uncle’s house for help.

She recalled hearing shots while she was over there but, by the time she returned, the masked men were no longer in the house. She was in time, however, to see her father falling to the floor. Her husband told her to get help since both he and her father appeared injured.

Stock told the court she called the police and when they arrived, one officer told her that her father was no longer alive. An ambulance came subsequently and Stock said she accompanied her husband to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Questioned by Principal Crown Counsel Anthony Blackman, Stock remembered sitting with her husband and “trying to make him as comfortable as possible” once they reached the hospital. He also pointed out a gunshot wound to her which was under his left armpit, close to his ribcage.

Maynard began his cross-examination of the witness by offering his “sincerest condolences over the unfortunate incident.”

Saying that he only had “a couple of questions” and would not keep her long, Maynard asked the witness whether she made a statement to police about the incident.

She replied in the affirmative. “Did you ever tell them that a short, skinny, dark-skinned man with an American accent was in the house that night?” Maynard asked.

“No,” Stock replied.

Stock’s two sons Dean and Kyle, who reside in Austria, also testified of being at their grandparents’ house at the time of incident. Dean recalled laying on a couch playing a video game when two men entered the living room.

He said his father was at the entrance of the kitchen at the time and he called all the children to him. He, along with his brother, sister Tori and a friend called Natalie were there.

Dean testified that they all went to “Dad” who eventually “went away with the men”.

“They were asking him for money,” Dean said. He said one man had a gun but could not recall seeing the other man with anything.

It was while he was trying to calm down his sister that one man told them “they should be quiet”. The next thing Dean said he heard was shots.

Responding to a question from the accused, the witness agreed that he told police that the two men in the house were about two metres tall but he did not tell them anyone was around 5ft. 10.

Dean did not agree that he was “good with heights” but said that two metres were equivalent to 5ft. 10.

His brother also testified of going under a table with the other children while the men were inside his grandparents’ home. Although he was uncertain about the height of the men, he recalled that they were slightly bigger than his mother.

Maynard, who is representing himself, sought permission for Meta Stock to stand. When she did so, her son replied that Maynard was not bigger than his mother.

The case is expected to continue tomorrow before Justice Jacqueline Cornelius.

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