Making the year amazing

The Buck Stops Here 2I am declaring that this will be an extraordinary year. Extraordinary means exceptional, remarkable, wonderful, unexpected, and a host of other adjectives meaning deserving of attention and comment, usually in a positive way.

I told you in my last article that I was going to borrow my theme for this year from my new business colleague Barbara Dennis; and while hers is Be Extraordinary, which I love, I’ve changed mine up a bit to be Make It Extraordinary.

Last year, you probably heard me mention my theme Make It Happen ad nauseum.  Well, that has not totally gone out of the window, because in orderto make things extraordinary we still have to make them happen first.

I am very happy to report one more thing that I intended to make happen last year, which I finally made happen in the first week of this year; and that was to finish the prequel/sequel to my book The Price Of Freedom.  Here is hoping that my readers will find it extraordinary (deserving of comment because of being wonderful) when I publish it next month.

For businesses, in order to compete in the local economy, far less globally, it is essential to be extraordinary. Your product or service must be so distinguished that people will go out of their way to talk about them. I’m happy to share that I have some of those businesses to applaud this week.

A friend of mine called me a few days ago to share a number of things, but she was particularly excited about one in particular, and that was receiving exceptional service from Flow. Her phone was giving her problems and she called Flow to report it around 11 o’clock in the morning.

Apparently, not more than four hours later, someone was at her house to check the line and was able to report that the line was fine, but it was the phone which was faulty.  When she plugged in another phone that she had, everything was working well. Extraordinary service!

I also read a Linked In post by Barbara Dennis in which she was raving about the great service she received from Fed Ex. Now, Fed Ex is generally known for excellent service, but this
was extraordinary.

She called it around 10 a.m. and explained she had some documents which she needed to mail, but she was not familiar with its service in Barbados. After listening to what she was trying to achieve the Fed Ex staff member suggested she should have her documents collected.

Barbara told her that she had to be out at 2 p.m., and she was assured Fed Ex would be collected before then. Well at 11:50 a.m. the Fed Ex van arrived at her house to collect the documents with the envelope she needed to send them, as well as the form she needed to complete. Now that is extraordinary!

Don’t think that extraordinary service is the domain of the big companies only. This week Ace Recycling made me extraordinarily happy. (I promise that you will probably be sick of that word before the year is over.) I had called it at the end of last year to come and collect my paper and cardboard products, but unfortunately it had been shut down for the year. So not wanting to start the year with a huge pile of recycled things in my house I called it in the first week of January, but it was short of transportation to service all
their collections.

However, on Wednesday I was surprised, but delighted, when an Ace Recycling driver called me to say he could come and pick up my stuff. I had not even called back to remind anyone; the folks there had noted my name and number and called me. I cannot tell you how happy I was, as I had accumulated almost
a truckload of paper products.

Not only was the truck there barely an hour later (I wasn’t even ready), but the driver came in and helped me to bring out a particularly heavy box. And as if that was not enough he gave me advice to help with my four dogs, saying that as people shared information with him, he liked to pass it on.

Need I say how impressed I was? Ace Recycling is offering a great service. When I consider how much stuff I had –– cereal boxes, juice boxes, cardboard boxes, newspapers and so on –– and if I were to multiply that by every household in Barbados, can you imagine how much we would save the landfill if we only recycled and called Ace?

Then the Government would have no excuse to try to slip in Cahill, and Ace Recycling would grow so that it could acquire more trucks and be able to pick up and ship out more paper products and earn more foreign exchange.

I could go on about other extraordinary happenings, but I will save them for another article when I’m pulling out my hair for something to write. So I will end by asking you to think about how you can be extraordinary this year and, if you’re in business, how you can make your product or service extraordinary so your customers will tell everyone and give me something to be excited about and report on in one of my future columns.

May 2016 be an extraordinary year for you!

(Donna Every is an author, speaker and business and personal development trainer. She is also the Barbados Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and the Barbados facilitator for the WINC Acceleration Programme.
Contact her at Twitter: @EveryDonna)

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