Move against illegal dumping

Perpetrators of illegal dumping beware!

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler today warned that Government was taking strong action to stamp out the nasty practice which has been affecting residents in his St Michael North West constituency.

After visiting with frustrated residents at Robinson Close, St Stephen’s Hill, St Michael, which has become a dumping ground for garbage and molasses, Sinckler met with Minister of Health John Boyce and other senior officials of the Ministry of Health on Monday.

During that meeting, it was agreed that health authorities would execute the provisions of the Health Services Act and rodent control regulations in response to the illegal dumping at Robinson Close.

“Having spoken to Permanent Secretary [Tennyson Springer] subsequent to that meeting . . . the letters have been prepared and correspondence has been certainly sent for them to be given a time in which they have to clean up the area or face charges,” Sinckler added.

He also indicated that he had spoken to the alleged perpetrator, encouraging him to issue letters of explanation and apology to the inconvenienced residents.

“But he is not the only one who is going to be afflicted by it. There are other people doing it across Barbados. The funny thing about it is that there was one allegedly found dumping somewhere in St Thomas and when they traced back where the waste came from to the properties they came from, the property owners indicated they gave the operators the [$25] tipping fee to pay. So the issue is not the tipping fee now, the issue is that people are just dumping because they feel they can get away with it,” he said.

2 Responses to Move against illegal dumping

  1. Sue Donym January 21, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Sidestepping some issues again! The illegal dumping exposes the callousness of culprits AND the need to address the disposal of materials – from hazards to annoyances, including the appropriate times and locations.
    The perpetrators are wrong for illegal dumping, but that does not release government departments from the responsibility to ensure accessible and affordable sites. Government has to ensure that their policies do not create disincentives or unnecessary hardships in doing the right thing. The attempt to gloss over the tipping fee only serves to highlight it for this very example. When one considers that a litre of molasses weighs about one and a half kilogrammes, just imagine the tipping fees at $25.00 per tonne for a truckload! Excavated materials on a home builder’s site, well cleaning and such activities will attract punishing costs when rated per tonne.

    Oh, I know, we’ll have to wait until some multinational or other well heeled concern offers to invest or restart a project so that we can get the tipping fee ‘looked at’ if not waived as a concession, before we can hope that anything changes…

  2. jrsmith January 21, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    You politicians, stop this crap , act like government ministers, pull your fingers out , stop the crap that’s going on in Barbados , put the country right , or just do us all a favour and resign one by one…


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