McClean wants flexibility in global trade rules

Barbados today reiterated its call for the world’s richest countries give special consideration to small vulnerable states.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has repeatedly pleaded with larger countries and international financial institutions not to disqualify the region from accessing concessionary financing based on the level of development. He has contended that small states should qualify because of their vulnerability and fragility.

In welcoming Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) His Excellency Roberto Azevedo today, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Maxine McClean made a similar appeal to the world’s leading rule-making body for international trade.

McClean argued that Barbados’ size presented major challenges to its economic development and that recognition of its limitations and associated vulnerabilities was vital at the highest levels of international fora.

“What is required is flexibility in the rules for those who need it most. Focused developmental assistance to compensate for structural difficulties of small vulnerable states is also necessary,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

Barbados is currently coordinator of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, as well as the Group of 90 (G90) alliance of poor and small developing countries at the WTO, and MCClean said it has been unrelenting in advocating for practical solutions to the problems that are central to the development of a trading system tailored to the needs of all members.

3 Responses to McClean wants flexibility in global trade rules

  1. Maureen Smith January 21, 2016 at 9:34 am

    This is rich coming from an island whose banking rules make it difficult for overseas residents or companies (in rich countries) to receive payments generated from property investments or in settlement of invoices raised in respect of business introduced to Barbados.

  2. J. Payne January 21, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    She should be in Davos, Switzerland because that’s where the world’s elite are meeting now to come up with the next 12 month’s worth of financial policy before they return home to inform their government’s of what the plan shall be going forward.

  3. Tony Webster January 21, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Amazing. Some Honourable folks have the ability to speak simultaneously, from both sides of de mouth: in this corner, is a pityful-but-proud 50 year-old pugilist, who…carefull…punches above dem weight.
    In de uthuh corner of the mouth…err…ring, is a poor-rakey turd-world l’il boy, who needs a break. Cuddear.

    If her departed, but still well-respected brother were yet here with us, I sense he would’ve had a word with this lady, regarding publicly expressing herself on such weighty matters.


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