Improvements underway at A&E

Plans are underway to expand the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which receives 40,000 patients each year.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Dexter James this afternoon announced that the administrative unit would be moved to the basement in order to create additional space for receiving and caring for emergency patients.

The project will be financed in part through funds raised by the Barbados Charitable Trust’s Broadway to Barbados 2016 Show, the hospital CEO said.

“This year we really want to spend some time looking at A&E a little closer both in terms of our back office operation because I think we can do a lot more in getting our results much faster using ICT [information and communications technology] and getting our patients to the ward much faster,” Dr James said at a press conference at the QEH’s boardroom where he was joined by Trustee of the Charitable Trust Robert Borque to announce the 2016 show, scheduled to be held here from February 25 to 27 and March 3 to 5.

CEO of the QEH Dr Dexter James
CEO of the QEH Dr Dexter James

Borque said an estimated $200,000 to $250,000 was needed for a central monitoring system for the A&E and an additional $100,000 for a new ultrasound machine.

“This piece of equipment will be required to facilitate a three to four week training workshop being contemplated in association with an overseas government who would send several senior training physicians to update QEH doctors on the most modern techniques in diagnosing, monitoring and or treating critical care patients,” he told journalists,

Meanwhile, head of A&E Dr Chaynie Williams stressed that the department faced several challenges, mostly due to overcrowding which leads to lengthy waiting times.

She said the department looked forward to an expanded resuscitation room with a central monitoring system to monitor at least eight persons at a time.

“The ultrasound machine is absolutely essential in 2016 for proper diagnostics. It decreases the side effects of doing procedures, as well as making diagnoses for . . . ectopic pregnancies,” Dr Williams said.

Next month’s Broadway to Barbados 2016 Show at Frank Collymore Hall will again feature Neil Berg’s New York Broadway stars, with the organizers expecting another highly entertaining evening of song, music from
well-known shows such as the Wiz, James Bond, Rocky 111, Titanic and Dance Party.

Since its inception in June 2015 the Trust has raised $1.6 million of the 12.5 million it plans to raise for the hospital.

“Dependent on the level of funds arising from our sponsors, supporters, Broadway show ticket sales and other ancillary initiatives in 2016, we have plans to continue to support the Medical Intensive Care Unit with some of their on-going needs with their equipment maintenance and or supplies,” Borque promised.

4 Responses to Improvements underway at A&E

  1. Danny Clarke Colombian
    Danny Clarke Colombian January 20, 2016 at 6:26 am

    Been hearing that for years and a recent visit there to me it has gotten worst. Stop all d yapping yapping and promises and get some action going.

  2. Dexter Squires
    Dexter Squires January 20, 2016 at 8:18 am

    i think you should repeat those very important points…..attitudes attitudes attitudes and attitudes

  3. Ricardo Sharon
    Ricardo Sharon January 20, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Same talk every year

  4. Tony Webster January 20, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Hats off to Robert Bouque and his friends of the B.C.T. I wish their efforts success, and will surely try to take in the show.

    The irony however, is that the more the private sector props up the Q.E.H., whether by way of such philanthropic assistance, or even by supplying pharmaceuticals and other critical supplies on “everlasting” credit lines….it effectively means that government is eased to postpone, to procrastinate interminably, the re-design of basic public health care , and the over-all functioning of the Q.E.H. Whatever happened to “a new Q.E.H., on a green pasture somewhere”?

    Meanwhile, of course, there are lives to be saved, and sick folks made well, and for this, I offer my thanks and appreciation….to Mr. Bourque and friends.


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